Throne of Glass Review – 4 out of 5

Oh how I love this series. I recommend this book for all you readers who love assassins, bad arse heroines, swoon worthy relationship possibilities, magic and fashion.

After a reread, I must say I have forgotten how much I fell in love with Dorian. I adore the characters so much, Sarah knows how to reel the audience in through her characters alone. The story was thrilling, sweet, sad and horrifying at some parts. I recall having nightmares due to this book.


Let’s talk about how human Celaena is. She is not a perfect heroine. She’s broken, feared, strong, arrogant, stubborn but she’s also caring. She’s a 17 years old assassin that would do what’s right in the end. She has a heart and a soul, she cared for Dorian even after all his family or father has done to her.

Chaol, my darling soldier, he’s so loyal.

Dorian, my precious prince charming. Easily fell in love with Celaena. It broke my heart, twice when I read the part that Celaena just decided to end what they had. Just like that. It’s quite interesting though, because at the same time it seemed realistic. How it started and ended.

I swear the shipping war started after the Yulemas ball. Where Dorian couldn’t stop thinking about her and promised to do what it takes to make it work all the while Chaol stared up at Celaena knowing she was happy with someone else in mind.

Nehemia, my dearest princess, she’s truly amazing. So bold and powerful, and to know what she’s worth. Quite reminded me of Elena, who is also pretty bad arse.

I despised the King, Perrington, Cain, Kaltain and Grave. I had forgotten how much I hated them until my reread. I was so happy with Chaol stabbed Cain. I wasn’t happy that Nox had to leave, I quite liked him. But I’m sure he’ll return.

Best moments in this book were:

The book exchange, basically every Dorian and Celaena moment, meeting Elena, also every Chaol and Celaena moment, the Yulemas gift, the dance, THE DUELeverything that happened there.

Celaena almost giving up…

Chaol reaching out…

Dorian running to her

Nehemia chanting like crazy…

Overall this book was too good to stop reading.

Professional Reader


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