The Fangirl’s Guide to the Galaxy: A Handbook for Girl Geeks Review – Unrated

I didn’t really know how to rate this book. At first it was entertaining, Sam inserted some humour in this book which was good. It is also beautifully designed and wonderfully illustrated (but that’s my designer and artistic side talking over me.) But then the book seemed to focus more on things a fangirl already knew, yes there were some good resources on where to go to shop and such but that’s basically it. It just helps you find the good places online on where to purchase your nerdy merchandises. What I didn’t like was how she categorized and LISTED the merch a fangirl SHOULD have if you’re a fan of a certain thing. This isn’t necessary, not all fangirls have the money to purchase them and not all WANT to have those to show their love for it. There were some sections on where to go for gatherings, which I’ll be honest, I wasn’t aware of all of them. So I quite liked that bit. I did enjoy the interview sections, I felt those were the parts that really helps a fangirl embrace her true nerdy self. But other than that this was almost like Sam’s own little grail for herself on how she started and how she advices a new fangirl on how to be a feminist.

For those of you who thought this book was literally a step by step on HOW to be a fangirl, I wouldn’t say that’s what this is. It’s more of a book that breaks down the TYPE of fangirls there are, no, not even that. Sam basically recommends you a few female artists, authors, and bloggers/vloggers that one would be interested in. She talks a lot about being bullied for being a fangirl, but that hasn’t happen to me in YEARS. I was questioned when I was about 13 or so but afterwards, I find more men appreciate a woman who is a geek and or a nerd. So to me, I think more men are accepting and appreciating fangirls nowadays than in the past, I feel she was more focused on her feminism. That’s cool and all, but I felt it was a tad unnecessary to try and convert all fangirls to be a full pledge feminist. Also, to speak the truth, there’s really no true or right way to be a fangirl. To me a fangirl may like all the different things and/or everything, some may not share the same feels but that doesn’t mean you’re doing it wrong. Just keep being yourself, continue to spread the joy over the things you love and don’t let others tell you otherwise. Be you, fellow fangirl!

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