Queen of Shadows Review – 5 out of 5

After the long wait, I finally have it and then devoured it. I rarely give a full 5 but this book deserved a 5 star, even though there were some dialogue and characteristic issues. A lot has happened in this book, it was impossibleto stop reading after the next chapter. I don’t even know where to begin; I had to rewrite this review a few times before finally managing to sound sane. My review will break down from scene to scene, most of which were my favourite moments while I break down the characters and their roles in this book.

When Chaol and Aelin reunited, I was angry and sad all at once, I actually understood as to why they acted the way they did. They were both misunderstanding one another, but I didn’t think Chaol had the right to be so harsh. Albeit, it was all due to his guilt but he didn’t have a choice then. I understand that Chaol was angry at himself but he lashed out too much, didn’t handle it well. But I’m so thankful that Nesryn kept him in check. He needs someone like her and she him. They are opposites yet so similar at some parts, and was so damn happy when came to be or will come to be. I hope he’ll heal once he reaches Torre Cesme; I wish Sarah didn’t destroy Chaol though, but I am thankful she didn’t kill him off.

Aelin was so sassy and cunning in this book, I have missed her so much! I love her character, I know a lot of people don’t like her attitude but to me that makes her feel more human and relatable. She’s unpredictable which is pretty much how a woman really is, hah. She deserves all the love for this book; she did everything in her power (literally) to save her friends. “With the suit, the boots, and the mask, she knew she was Death incarnate.” So. Fucking. True. Aelin is so bamf that I can’t stop grinning like a madman and pausing to look up, or breathe in as I appreciate her mastery. But she’s also so loving and caring that it hurts sometimes. Both Aelin and Dorian are so tremendously powerful it’s insane what they can do together. “So the world ended and the next one began. They were infinite. They were the beginning and the ending; they were eternity.”

Seeing Dorian so…hollow made me sick, knowing that he was slowly dying inside was even worse. As he slowly forgets his being and everything around him, it was painful to read. Knowing that whenever Sorcha’s name was mentioned in this book made Dorian scream just breaks my heart. “He didn’t know if he could let out those two syllables without a part of him dying over and over again.” So damn painful, my poor Dorian…I only wish happiness for him. But heavens above were I ever grateful that Dorian managed to break free from the collar with the use of his magic just as we predicted! I am so damn happy that he did not die in this book.

Lysandra’s backstory, heavens I was in the brink of tears. Each mention of Sam in any of these books and pages just breaks my heart. I CANNOT believe that Arobynn SPECIFIED on how to torture Sam! But really, Lysandra was so unexpected, I was shocked! SHAPE SHIFTING GHOST LEOPARD BAD ARSE! “She was fury, she was wrath, she was vengeance.” Arobynn’s death was not as satisfying as I wanted it to be, but I am glad he’s dead. I knew Aelin wouldn’t be the one to kill him, and after learning about Lysandra, it made sense for her to do it. She not only KILLED him, she LET him choke to death with his own blood.

But the whole plan to save Aedion! My. Gosh. I got goosebumps when he saw her and recognized her! “Behind them, across the hall, the dancers shattered their roses on the floor, and Aedion grinned at his queen as the entire world went to hell. The chapter after this, was insane! This was also, when the title was mentioned! It took her twelve strikes from the clock and half a dozen of dead body left behind to save her cousin. She warded herself with her own blood mixed with ink. Wyrdmarks all over her body!! This reminded me of Peter V. Brett. Aedion and Aelin’s reunion was so emotionally sweet. I can see how some people may see it as a lover’s affection, but once you have such respect and bond with a relative, it’s quite hard to understand sometimes. It may seem unnatural for most, but it feels normal for the two or the family. So to me, I never saw them as a possible couple but a family with some kick arse power and bond. No one can break it but them.

Now, let us talk about the time when Aedion got a whiff of the scent of snow and a hint of pine and went in defense mode. I couldn’t stop myself from smiling. I was smirking and as I continued to read Aedion describe the approaching person my smirk turned into a smile, then broader it went by the end of it when she RAN towards Rowan, I was grinning from ear to ear. When Rowan came in the picture I was so damn giddy, I did not expect that *shakes head* But in all honesty, in Heir of Fire, I was not sure about these two together but HOT DAMN! “He looked at her the way she deserved to be looked at.” Before reading this book, I didn’t ship Aelin with anyone but afterwards I don’t mind him with her!

Let’s move on to another kick arse character named Manon Blackbeak. This witch, oh goodness, she’s such a beautiful creature. A witch well designed. Manon is a nightmare dressed like a day dream. Hah. She along with her Thirteen gave me nightmares, they are ruthless. But not as much as the Valgs did, the Valgs are scary as f***, “They are blackness and despair incarnate.” I had nightmares, not going to lie. But that’s when you know the book really got to you, if it travels with you through the dream world.

The Matron is such a heartless b****! Asterin’s backstory just broke my heart. Especially knowing that the man still waited for her and she checked up on him…until he passed away of old age. I cannot wait for the Thirteen to beat the Matron’s and Perrington’s arses. If they joined forces with Aelin, WOOP it’ll be OVER. I was glad that Manon and Aelin had a moment in this book; they reflect one another’s character in my opinion. Loved it.

Now, for the Shadowfire named Kaltain. She is pretty damn bad arse; she slowly bit and burned the Valg inside her. Pretending to be a doll, while waiting for the right moment to take her own vengeance. She’s scary as fuck when she’s possessed and now it’s even worse with Shadowfire on or in her.  And by the Wyrd, after all this time, Kaltain remembered Celaena’s promise, had the key and kept the robe as well…goodness. It was so sad to see her last moments…she was just used this whole time and she did not deserve it. But “she was a wolf. She was death, devourer of worlds.” This woman blew up a third of Morath along with herself, to save those she could and give Celaena the key.

Lorcan entering this book was not something I saw coming, it’s so hard to tell if he’s really doing it all for his queen or if he’s pulling something that Maeve planned out. But when Aelin tricked Lorcan and lead him to the Valg and Wyrdhound—amusing. I did not expect him to trap Rowan, and use his scent to lure the Valgs.

A few new characters: Elide, Vernon, Evangeline, Nesryn and who the hell is Cormac?? Some old characters came back like Perrington, Kaltain, Ress, Brullo, Fleetfoot, and even Philippa was there. I was actually hoping to see Elena here or Mort, especially since she went down the hidden passage to check. Wished the queen and Hollin were a bit more involved, I don’t even know where they were this whole time.

Some moments that I enjoyed, unedited, straight off from my notes:

‘When Aelin tricked Arobynn and he did what he DID to her, I was freaking out. Jaw dropped as I read. I stopped and placed the book down, because I could not believe what just happened. But then, she came back. And it was all a trick. I had to exhale, because I would’ve gone mad if she actually turned into his doll. I wanted to kill him right then and there. I was actually surprised that Rowan and Aedion didn’t massacre him on the spot.

‘Holy hell, when they rescued Lysandra, I didn’t even realize I was holding my breath. Dorian managed to take control of his body and mind! Stupid Chaol just HAD to try and take the kill then, smh. I was so damn scared. Then Aelin HAD to show her scars from Baba, Manon actually wanted to just leave. But she pulled from her rage and the chase…then Rowan…oh gosh. But she SAVED MANON!! I was so excited for their meet, I swear.’

‘Hahah. The scene where Aedion bursts in their room to wake up Aelin and Lysndra, because they weren’t ready to leave for home and then Lysandra shifted into a ghost leopard to chase him down before sprawling back in bed. Only to be chucked by a bucket of water half an hour later by Aedion—hilarious! It was so realistic, well not the shifting part but the actions, almost comical. I’m tempted to sketch it out.’

Overall, this book had me screaming, crying, cursing/swearing, closing the book to breathe, jaw-dropping, running my hands through my hair—this book was worth the wait. Originally a 5 page worth review, but I had to cut it down. A lot happened in this book, also a lot of phenomenal women characters. There aren’t enough words or pages to describe how I felt about this book. I also listed quite a few scenes to sketch up for this book’s fan art. This should be fun. In the end I was awe-struck with this book, well done Sarah, I can’t wait for the 5th book!

Professional Reader


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