City of Ashes Review – 4 out of 5

“Everything changes in my life, and the world stays the same.”

First: SIMON IS A VAMPIRE SLASH SHADOWHUNTER OR SOMETHING! The amount of times Simon ALMOST died in this book…heavens above! I had my jaw dropped when Valentine SLICED Simon’s throat!

When he turned into a vampire, my reaction was: Simon turns into a vampire?? I did NOT expect that! At first I thought he was dead, but thought better of it. Then Raphael says he’s in the process of transitioning and then I flipped shit!

Maia came in the picture and it was obvious that she fancied Simon. It was amusing when she told Simon that it was sweet that Jace loves his sister like that and Simon just says “It’s precious”, haha! I actually thought Simon and Maia would have been a cute couple. I didn’t like how he allowed Clary to have him as someone to help her move on from Jace. Because the way their relationship started was just so random, just like that they were dating. He deserved better. Unrequited love sucks a lot, and he has to see the girl he loves fall for her own brother. I like Simon’s character, I cannot wait to see how his character grows in this series. But I do enjoy reading the banter between Simon and Jace, it’s amusing.

I quite liked how Cassandra showed the perspective of a vampire through Simon’s POV. It was cool, I really am fond of how she writes especially when it comes to describing, even if it is just how one’s voice comes off when they spoke.

Valentine destroying the Silent Brothers so easily was just ridiculous. Agramon is scary as fuck, reminded me of a Boggart ha! He’s such a…machiavellian I wish he had POVs, would like to read those. He experimented on his kids for heaven’s sake!

Clary can draw HER OWN runes! I already liked the fact that she is an artist, but this is even cooler! Jace has some unclear power, but so far it seems like he has extra strength. Their relationship breaks my heart, I ship them. I find it amusing how both Jace and Clary don’t like being called by their full names.

Jace chained in the Silent City was just terrifying to read. It was heartbreaking to know how scared he was for someone who is hardly ever scared of anything. Seeing Brother Jeremiah with his sewed mouth open and blood dripping was just scarring. But damn, I really like the way Cassandra writes. Though, the odd part was when Isabelle said that one of the Silent Brothers called to say that the place was attacked, the whole time I was wondering HOW they told her seeing as they couldn’t talk…

Imogen Herondale pissed me off! I was quite glad when she died in the end. Yeah, she decided to save Jace in the end but she was blinded by revenge most of the time. But she is definitely one of those typical scary adults who irked you when they’re around.

In this book I met Maryse, Robert and Max. Max carrying a Naruto volume 9 manga had me smiling, hah. I was so angry at Maryse when she was suspicious about Jace, “You are an arrow shot directly into the heart of the Clave, Jace.” But in the end when she explained herself and started reciting the song…it was just too much for my heart.

The Seelie court scene was amusing to read, ha. The whole part where they were trying to figure out who’d kiss who to save Clary and get her out of the court. Then Jace went up to kiss her…how they got all caught up in the moment as the crowd sighed…it was both awkward and more of a “yes” moment for me, haha

Alec and Magnus’ relationship is adorable, heh. Magnus clearly likes him and Alec is trying to hide it from Jace but then Jace calls it out at Luke’s hah. Jace is so oblivious about this, I’m surprised he even noticed Alec and Magnus’ relationship. I like their characters, and I actually do ship these two, heh.

Overall, a great read. The way Clary demolished the ship was unexpected. Valentine disappearing is such a typical villain move but I do wonder how he just travels so quickly. I really am hoping for a POV from Valentine in the next book or something. I’m interested to know his story and his way of thinking a bit more.

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