A Misfit read-a-long

Today marks the first half of the read-a-long for Susan Dennard’s Something Strange and Deadly series.

Have no fear if you just started or if you already finished, no one will harass you for it! The point of this was to have time together as both Misfits and Witchlanders, to read the Empress’ books.

You have plenty of time to catch up, the second half is still a few weeks away!

When I first read this series, the scenery, the fashion sense, and plot had me hooked. I did get the Old Kingdom vibe as I read, especially the whole necromancy and the dead rising part. But I do like the way Susan decided to add her own style and twists in the mix. But let’s get into that when book 2 starts 😉

So, for now I shall leave off with this quote: “There was no heaven here. Eternal life meant waking up as a putrid corpse.”

If you haven’t joined and signed up yet, click the link below, get comfy and start reading!

Something Strange and Deadly Trilogy Read-a-long

Can’t wait to hear what you all think about this book. Also, don’t forget to keep using the hashtag #SSaD and post your thoughts!



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