City of Fallen Angels Review: 3.5 out of 5

I’m happy that I got what I asked for, more POVs from Simon, but damn. Cassandra just turned his character and life just so damn emotionally complicated. It was devastating to see Simon’s mother in terror when he confessed his true nature. She would rather believe he wasn’t her son rather than believing he was a monster. While just before that, he saw a man get shredded from trying to kill him with the Mark of Cain.

Jace’s nightmare was way worse than what I’d have. It starts off with him and the woman he loves only to end with him murdering her on his bed. The fact that he’s been having this same nightmare more than once is just terrifying. If I had a nightmare that came true…I’d be dead. My nightmares are way too messed up. Jace is pretty damn strong for someone who’s been possessed or poisoned by evil. The thought of him being in the Silent City again gave me chills. The description of the baby that Clary and Jocelyn saw was too creepy. I don’t like anything baby or dolls related in anything scary or creepy. Not a fan of those, it gives me nightmares. So picturing that scene was just gruesome.

The way Maureen died, was pretty messed up. Sliced throat and dumped in a dumpster, that’s just wrong. When Simon was seeing Maureen’s dead body, it was so creepy! With the typical ghost-like death appearance, she was all giggly too, which didn’t help at all. Lilith was introduced in this book and she’s quite eerie. She wants to create demonic babies as a way to spite God and her ways to gain children since she is cursed and can’t conceive, or when she does they die. Then there were the cultists, they too creepy as fuck. Seeing all those dead demonic babies was just sickening, especially knowing that the parents gave up their children or were forced to give their children just to be turned into that…sigh.

Didn’t think Lilith would die to be honest, thought she’d get away. But that was quite the fight. I quite adored the Simon and Isabelle scenes, the Maia and Jordan scenes and all the Magnus and Alec scenes. I’m glad Isabelle is slowly showing her emotions. Is it weird that I’m more of a Magnus and Alec, Simon and Isabelle fan rather than a Clary and Jace fan? No? Good. The Queen irks me, I’ve no idea what her goal is but she just pisses me off. Don’t like her character and her presence. I groan when she or the mention of her appears in the book. Albeit, I knew Sebastian would come back; Cassandra took advantage of that unfinished scene from the original trilogy. Really didn’t like the idea that Jace would be left alone with Sebastian and now look, they are one! Overall, this was a good read, this book seemed like a new start to a series, I can’t wait to see what happens next.

Professional Reader


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