Shadows of Self Review: 4.5 out of 5

I swear, every rusting time I read a book written by Sanderson I’m left in such a daze, it’s as if reality isn’t real and the book was. After reading it, I feel as though I’m just floating. Unsure of what’s to come next. How can life just continue on? The book really reached its peak from book one. A lot happened in this book, a great start and quite an emotional novel, really. I like how Sanderson focused on his character’s development in this book, you get to see their struggles and how they’re growing from it.

Let’s start with the flashback of Wax and Lessie’s relationship, how it shows the difference between Lessie and Steris. You start to see the ghosts of his past affect his current position, he thought he made peace with the past already yet it still affected him in a lot of ways. But at the same time, you could see how he and Steris’ relationship slowly develop. Especially how she’s starting to accept his ways and how he adores hers. I quite enjoyed the scene where they were on their way to the party and she had planned the evening, including his intermission of trying to beat traffic. Wax’s faith was tested in this novel, was asked to help keep the world in peace only to find out in the end that Harmony was the reason as to why the love of his life died.

Unfortunately, I had predicted that Paalm was Lessie. It was a heartbreaking moment to see Wax realize and find out the truth and seeing her die yet again…by his own hands. I couldn’t even process that emotionally, my jaw dropped and I had to set the book down for a bit. Wax’s faith was destroyed at this moment and he had lost his path, unsure of how to go on. Questioning everything he believed in. That’s the worst thing to ever feel.

Now, let’s move on to Wayne. I adore his POVs, they’re always amusing. I am fond of his character. The way he thinks reminds me of Kelsier, the way he “steals” accents, hats, personalities and just anything really, it’s very kandra-like of him. He often knows how to lighten up the mood, no matter how bad the situation is. But in this book, we also get to see the other side of his life. How he still continues to visit the family of the man he killed when he was a child. It was heartbreaking to see how he still tries to make up for what he’s done and they, especially the daughter, refuses to accept his efforts. He changes into a completely different person when he visits and it’s the vulnerability of his character that really gets to you. Especially after seeing how he’s often so easy going and just all smiles. Then there’s his love for Ranette, you can see how much he cares for her and turns into a kid who has a huge crush on someone when he’s around her. And there she is, not accepting his affection. Unrequited love; Albeit, I think she is interested in him in some way. I have hope for them. I did enjoy how he just perked up when he heard her presence enter the room when they were guarding the Minister.

Then there’s Marasi, an underdog who’s trying to prove herself to everyone. Someone who isn’t taken seriously and respected, due to the fact that she’s young and a woman; she constantly tries to do what she can to show them that she is more than what she looks like. Her infatuation for Wax distracts her but I think she mostly just wants him to commend her, because to me it seems like to her, Wax is her mentor and inspiration for what she wants to do. I do like how she’s slowly accepting her abilities, I hope she’ll be able to use it more later on.

A lot of nostalgia moments in this book, from the mentions of the main characters in the first trilogy of Mistborn. Seeing how their names are used as town and street labels. Actually knowing that some of the characters are still around; Marsh as Death, TenSoon still there, MeeLan and Sazed! I was freaking out when Sazed spoke to Wax, how Sanderson incorporated the earring thing from Vin as Wax’s way to practice his faith. Then there’s the fact that TenSoon is alive and still one kick arse character! When he and Wax entered the Lord Ruler’s place, I had goosebumps! Also, did anyone else freak the fuck out when TenSoon transformed and fought side by side Wax?? Crushing bones and ripping them in half?? It was both so disorienting to read yet incredible. But focusing on the bunch that were chasing them was scary, reminded me of the nightmares I had. Then they climbed up the Pits of Hathsin! Smh, how can you even process these moments in a short amount of time? I was feeling how Wax was feeling, appreciating and admiring the place and moment but TenSoon is so nonchalant about it; asking him to just move along as if it’s not a big deal.

The mention of Vin by TenSoon put a smile on my face, and Wax seeing her silhouette through the mist just gave me chills. It was the closest moment I can ever have of seeing her again. I was waiting for the moment as to when Hoid would show up and he finally did! I swear, this man never ages. He’s been alive for the longest time, I wonder who he really is. Quite the curious character, I can’t wait to read the books about him. Overall, a great read and I highly recommend for all to read Sanderson’s Mistborn series. At first, I couldn’t accept how Sanderson ended this book but at the same time it just brought up all these theories as to what might happen in the next book. The only question I need answers to is, who the bloody hell is Trell?

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