The Sword of Summer Review: 3.5 out of 5

How I missed reading Uncle Rick’s books. Amusing Chapter titles. Ironic elevator music. Sarcastically witty characters. Mythological worlds. Magic. What more could you want?

I had to ask, and Uncle Rick responded with Elves and Dwarves along with a depressed goat named Otis. I’ve seen everything now, in Rick’s world that is. And now, I can’t ever read Svartalf without thinking fart elf. Not like I say that often, but now I just might.

When Magnus was asking his sword to change form and asked to be a pen but said his sword was probably laughing, I was laughing. Rick, you funny man. The sword can bloody talk and preferred to be called Jack. Inanimate objects are always amusing. Loki says it’s rare for demigods to have a sense of humour and zing, he clearly hasn’t met Percy and the gang.

Overall a good start to a series, it was humorous. The characters are as amusing as ever. I like the hallmates gang, Sam is pretty awesome with her shape shifting abilities. Hearthstone and Blitzen are my favourites. Was happy for their rewards, they truly deserved it. Hearthstone’s childhood was too heartbreaking, man! Curse his parents! But to hold on to that much pain in order to learn magic is pretty dam hard. How he managed to do it amazes me. Blitzen’s fashionable armory is pretty dam awesome. Magnus reminded me of Percy at some parts, the way his personality is portrayed.

Was really glad that Annabeth is part of this, even if it’s just as a cameo. Couldn’t stop thinking about the Greek demigods meeting Magnus and his team. Jack is one cool sword, such a funny inanimate object. I quite like Magnus’ powers, strong for someone not meant to be a warrior. Underdog characters for the win! Also, let me just say that Hel was Hela scary to visualize. Yes, I had to.

Thor is caught up on all the shows and I’m not! Otis the depressed goat was one interesting character, only Rick would add such characters. Odin is hilarious, reminded me of Dumbledore, just a tad. No? Alright. Can’t wait for the next book to see what Loki has planned for Randolph and what the crew’s quest will be. Til’ then!

Professional Reader


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