Special Book Addition

Every year, my siblings and I do a Secret Sibling gift exchange. This year, my sister had me and ended up getting me a personalized 10 year anniversary Leather-bound book edition of the Elantris by Brandon Sanderson!

Tears were shed, I was shaking and I didn’t even want to touch the book because I was wiping my tears with my hands. She had to slowly slide it out of the bag for me, haha. Truly didn’t expect this, I was spoiled this year for sure.

This book is gorgeous! Michael Whelan’s art pieces are included in these pages, along with the map of Elantris which was not included in the original edition of the book. I can’t get enough of this version. It’s one of the best presents I have ever received.

The leather-bound is navy while the pages have a silver edge tint, the art pieces are all in coloured print and are a full page worth per piece:

I have yet to read this version, knowing that Sanderson made some renders with this edition. It’ll be a great read to start my New Year! If you’d like to order this version, click here for the link!


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