Witchnail Art Do You Want?

It’s only 6 DAYS until Susan Dennard’s Truthwitch Book Launch! I know we already have some stickers to show our support, but why not add some flare into this launch party or should we say #TruthwitchParty and get our nails done?! I decided to make some quick nail art based on the #Truthwitch Clan Symbols to represent which clan you’re in or which one you want to be in!

You don’t have to have the exact colours, you can use your basic blues, reds, greens and browns to make this nail art! Have some fun with it, and show us what YOU came up with. Use the hashtags on this post when you take photos and share online.

The basic pattern from pinky to thumb are: circle, diamond, clan symbol, diamond and circle. Then repeat for the next hand and or feet!

Here’s your reference:


When you’re done painting your nails, why don’t you go over to The Witchlands and pre-order a copy of Truthwitch in either UK, US, audio or e-book version to match that nail art of yours. The photo-op would look fab with the book once it comes in the mail 😉 Witchnail do you want to rock?


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