Saga: Volume 1 Review: 4 out of 5

Was reading this at work today, the story line is quite interesting. Very  graphic artwork, but it’s so beautiful  at the same time. I love the different types of characters, and the way they’re introduced within the story. I like the scenery of the world this story takes place in. A different type of style for a graphic novel, I didn’t expect  to get so into this book just  from the first chapter.  I actually read the first chapter from last year’s Free Comic Book Day.  Finally  got a hold of the first volume, I highly  recommend it for those who are into magic, space, fantasy, war, action, gore, creatures, and illustrative art pieces.

The story focuses on war between two races.  There are Freelancers  which are the mercenaries,  there are the Landfalls  which are the winged folks  and the Wreath  which are the kind who possess magic.  The Prince IV  is the head of the Landfalls. A war happened in the past between the two races so the feud is ongoing.  But in this first volume, I enjoyed how they introduced each  character, who  they are and what  their role is to be. The relationship between Marko and Alana  was displayed at the beginning,  which basically starts off the story. She gave birth to a mixed breed  and both parties are now in search for them to destroy it. You may think that it’s the same old love story, but it really isn’t.  The story line just picks up  faster  than you’d think. The Freelancer named The Will  is very interesting,  I wonder what and when  his role will pick up in this story, especially  since the Prince killed off  his lover. Things are getting intense, the Prince finally found a clue as to where the captives are. You can really learn a lot from a person just from picking up their favourite books :p I adore  how snarky and amusing the characters’ personalities are, they’re easy  to relate to and it’s hard not to be intrigued. I can’t wait  to read the rest, knowing that they finally managed to escape the cursed  planet but the fun has just started. Especially  since the grandparents just entered their rocket ship, ha!

Professional Reader


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