2 days until #Truthwitch is published! Are you all getting your #TruthwitchParty for the book launch ready?!

Got your Clan Stickers ready for identification?

Witch nail did you choose? 😉

What’s brewing at your partea?

Ever wonder what abilities other witches have? We Earth witches got you covered with these potions and spells that will give you a temporary magical experience 😉


Red Powder for you to burn to gain Fire Witch abilities.

White Powder for you to brew to gain Earth Witch abilities.

Twine and Shells for you to grind to gain Air Witch abilities.

Black and White Beans for you to stew to gain Void Witch abilities.

Meditate with the Spiritual Smog to gain Aether Witch abilities.

Liquid Potpourri for you to drink to gain Water Witch abilities.


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