Last night’s event was a success! As part of Susan’s #TenDaysOfTruthwitch, day 2 was the live chat with her Thread Sister, Alexandra!

If you had missed it, both authors Susan Dennard and Alexandra Bracken hosted a live chat for their book launch called #PassTruthParty! This event started at 8 pm EST and took place on both YouTube and Twitter.

Fans were asked to use the #PassTruthParty hashtag to ask their questions for both authors via Twitter and they then chose those specific questions and answered them during the live chat! They did their best to answer all your questions, but a lot of people were present (which was amazing by the way) so they only had time to go through some of them. Last I checked, there were 155 people who joined and viewed the chat (you guys are awesome!)

Susan and Alex were so lovely and inspiring when they talked about their experiences, process, and advice. We enjoyed listening to them trail off and digress on certain questions and topics, it allows you to see the amount of thought they put into their work and the passion they have. This is a beautiful thing to see, the level of passion a person has about what they love to do. The fans get to relate with them a lot more this way.

The quote I love the most from both authors during this chat were:

“Do your own thing. Do your thing. Boy and girl. Everybody.” – Alexandra Bracken

“Every book for me has a different feeling…” – Susan Dennard

“I’m not one of those writers who writes for myself, I write for other people” – Susan Dennard

“Sometimes it’s better to protect your little egg of idea, until you can grow it where it needs to be.” – Alexandra Bracken

Without further ado, here’s the link to the video! Click the link to watch and post your comments below about your favourite quotes, moments and or advice from both authors!

Thank you to both Susan and Alex for taking the time to host such a lovely live chat! We know how busy your schedules have been! Time passed by fast, but it was so much fun. These ladies are such sweethearts, truly inspiring. And thank you viewers, for taking the time to watch, listen and ask your questions! If you haven’t bought a copy yet of either books, click the link below!

The Passenger by Alexandra Bracken

Truthwitch by Susan Dennard

Hurry while quantities last! On the day of publication, Truthwitch was temporarily sold out from Amazon in Canada while in the US they had limited copies left available! It’s insane!

Now, for today’s #TenDaysofTruthwitch, we join Susan with some Reddit Fantasy AMA! Follow her twitter for more information 🙂 


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