Saga: Volume 3 Review — 4 out of 5

Interesting approach, starting off with back tracking to what happened in the weeks before the Prince had arrived Quietus. We find out that the author Oswald saves the family when they got off the ship. They were living there and trying to figure out where to go next before the Prince arrived. While this was happening, the Will and his crew ended up in a random planet where the food poisoned them. They kept seeing things. The Will kept seeing his dead lover, The Stalk while Sophie, formerly known as Slave Girl, saw her mother. Sophie ended up stabbing the Will’s throat. Lying Cat and Gwendolyn stops her before she could finish him off. It was eerie when they were all high. Gwendolyn ties up Sophie and ended up heading over to Quietus to find Marko, since he’s the only one who can save The Will.

Marko is quite strong with wielding his magic, I’m surprised Gwendolyn isn’t as good seeing as she’s supposed to be high class. Seems like it anyways.

The Band with her Sweet Boy dog sidekick were newly introduced and it turns out that she is The Will’s flippin’ sister. This explains why he decided to call Slave Girl, Sophie. But, they are one bad arse family. Also, The Will’s name is Billy. Who wouldn’t thought, right?

Gwendolyn irked me in this volume. She killed Heist, and almost killed Alana. Alana didn’t even know she existed until Marko was dying! Alana shot her arse though, so I was fine. Here I thought Gwendolyn would leave them alone, because she found The Will but I was wrong. Albeit, in the end, she actually listened to Alana’s suggestion of taking him to the doctor. Family is safe, for now. Prince IV is frizzed and The Will is in a bad shape.

Now, the fun begins.

Professional Reader


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