Which Witch Are You?

Yesterday morning, Susan Dennard hosted the last #ClanChat which concluded the #TenDaysOfTruthwitch!

For the final Clan Chat, the quiz was to determine which type of witch/clan you belonged in. If you haven’t participated in any of the previous chats, worry not! Click the links below to direct you to the following quizzes:

Which Witchlands Nation Are You From?

Which Truthwitch Character Are You Most Like?

Now, time to do the quiz that you’ve all been waiting for!

Which Witch Are You?

Question 1: Pick a number. Any number!

A) 1, B) 2, C) 3, D) 4, E), 5, F) 6.

Question 2: Your signature scent is

A) Floral B) Woody C) Oceanic D) Citrusy E) Spicy F) Musky.

Question 3:  Your favorite outdoor landscape is:

A) A Snow-Capped Peak, B) Forested Mountains, C) The Beach,  D) The Meadows/Plains, E) The Desert, F) A Glowing Underground Cave.

Question 4:  You wear mostly:

A) White B) Green C) Blue D) Yellow E) Red F) Black.

Question 5: Your fabric of choice is:

A) Soft Cotton B) Warm Wool C) Crisp Linen D) Gauzy Silk E) Sensuous Satin F) Rich Velvet.

Question 6: Pick a Hagfish (Noden’s Hagfishes, for those who’ve read!):

A) Birth, B) Strength, C) Change, D) Breath, E) Fury, F) Death.

Question 7: Your zodiac sign is:

A) Libra/Capricorn B) Virgo/Taurus C) Pisces/Cancer D) Aquarius/Gemini E) Leo/Aries F) Scorpio/Sagittarius.

Question 8: Your spirit animal is a:

A) Rook B) Bat C) Fox D) Hound E) Hawk F) Wyrm.

Question 9: Fave season is:

A) Snowy Midwinter B) Crisp Fall C) Rainy Spring D) Green Early Summer E) Hot Midsummer F) Barren Late Fall.

After you have answered all the questions, count up how many As-Fs you have!

 Time to find out WHICH WITCH YOU ARE!

If you have:

Mostly As: AETHER:

Your magic is linked to the spirit & the mind, and your Witchmark is a hollow circle. Safi & Iseult are Aetherwitches!

Mostly Bs: EARTH:

Your magic—the most common—is linked to stone, soil, plants, & animals. Your Witchmarks is a hollow square.

Mostly Cs: WATER:

Your power gives you control of water & ice, rain & tides. Your Witchmark is an upside down triangle.

Mostly Ds: AIR:

You can manipulate winds & storms! Your Witchmark is a diamond, and Merik + Kullen are both in your ranks!

Mostly Es: FIRE:

Flames, man. That’s what you control, and your power is explosive! Your Witchmark is a filled triangle.

Mostly Fs: VOID:

Does it exist? Or is the magic—& the filled black circle Witchmark—just a legend? I guess Aeduan is proof it might be real

None of the above:

Alas, you’re elementally powerless. But no worries: some magic comes late. You can always face the exam board again!

And that concludes the quiz! Share your results via twitter or comment below. Are you the witch you hoped to be or were you the witch you didn’t expect to see?

I got mostly As and Bs so it was a tie between being an Aether or an Earth witch. But, since I’m in the Earth Clan I do believe the fates have made their decisions 🙂

Hope you all enjoyed taking the quizzes above! Don’t forget to subscribe to Susan Dennard’s Newsletter for more updates on her tour, books, gaming, advises for writers and more!

If you didn’t know, Truthwitch UK cover is now available for purchase! Check your local bookstore or online to purchase. Click here to purchase the US cover. If you prefer e-books, click here to order. If you enjoy listening to the story or listening as you read-a-long, click here for the audio version!

Please leave a comment below if you have read the book and share your thoughts!



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