Saga: Volume 4 Review — 4 out of 5

What the f*** just happened?! Prince IV has gone nuts. Drowning himself in Sextillion while his wife just died, along with the castle’s guards and help due to Dengo. This risky bastard has the son as hostage when the Prince didn’t even know he has a son nor is he aware that he’s born! I did love the part when the Prince blasted Mama Sun to death. About damn time that someone did that.

Alana popping the Fadeaway drug, and not realizing how bad it’ll affect her. Tsk, shame on you Alana. Shame on you as well Yuma! Now look at what happened!!

F****** Alana and her drugs ruined their relationship. But then again, Marko was also saying Ginny’s name in his dreams. They split and not in the way I thought they would. He went to Ginny, but left after he found Hazel’s toy. She was forcing him to stay, but he left the bitch. Marko should just listen to Hazel, she called Ginny ugly, she doesn’t approve plus Alan is so much better. I never liked Ginny, I knew she was bad news the moment she flaunted herself towards him. Why is she trying to be a homewrecker for??

Just when I thought both Alana and Marko would make up during this tantrum, freaking Dengo ended up on the tree house, because of Yuma. She told him about their family, because she didn’t want to die, yet she was shot anyways.

Now the rocket flew away towards Dengo’s destination while Marko was just arriving to give Hazel’s doll. Then Yuma shows up, bleeding to apologize for her stupid mistake while Prince IV arrives thinking Marko took his son. Now both Marko and Prince IV are teaming up to find their family with the help of Ghüs. He’s going to track Friendo to find their families.


Professional Reader


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