Suicide Squad Volume 2: Basilisk Rising Review — 3.5 out of 5

Quite enjoyed this read, the traitor was predictable from the beginning which disappointed me, but I did like how you constantly get a flashback of the characters and their pasts. Volume 1 focused on that. This volume focuses on Amanda Waller’s backstory. She’s one bad arse chick man, and I root for her and the squad to kick some arse. I enjoy a good bantering and some arse kicking in teamwork. The team has one great sense of humour.

You can’t trust people, yet you learn to work together anyways. It’s all about the risk in this team. Their life and sentences are on Amanda Waller’s hands, but her faith is on their hands. She’s risking a lot for them to get the job done, while they’re risking their lives for a woman who uses them as artillery. But, they’re villains, so killing isn’t really something they’d pass up. After all, “There’s only death…and that is our only comfort.”

Didn’t even realize how much Regulus reminded me of Savage. Yo-yo coming back out  of King Shark was the most random thing that happened in this volume for me, but I’ve yet to see what Waller has for his role. Overall a good novel, the art is just grand as usual. On to the next volume!

Professional Reader


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