My Very First Uppercase Box!


Before I get to the content of the bag, let me tell you a story about this subscription. See, this was meant to be a surprise birthday present to me from my sister, (quite similar to my brother’s attempt, click here.) But the problem was she didn’t realize that she had to send me the email, which included the link to my gift subscription, until midway through the month of February! In the end, I had missed the February box but I did get to claim the March box quite early. And so, after almost 2 months of waiting, I finally received my very first Uppercase Box 😀

UppercaseBox UppercaseBox2

This month’s Uppercase Box contained the following:

The YA book of the month, Rebel of the Sands by Alwyn Hamilton

Inside the book itself is the Reading Experience bookmark provided by Uppercase Box, where you can head on over to their website and type in the code. From there, you will find questions, polls and videos that correlate to certain moments in the book!

There are two Rebel of the Sands decal, you can see a close-up of one of them on the second photo.

The Read More Magnet was included in this month’s box which was cool, I can stick it on my desk at work alongside my art pieces.

Then we got the Quote Couture Earrings (18k Gold) from JewelSugar (sooo gorgeous)

Below the earrings is a letter from the lovely Lisa Parkin herself, I do like the fact that she takes the time to personalize each letter per reader 🙂

Lastly, we have the signed bookplate from the author herself, Alwyn Hamilton ❤

Altogether, I am super happy about this present and I’m in love with Rebel of the Sands’ paper print, the decals AND the lovely quote earrings from JewelSugar <3<3 I am definitely rocking this jewel every chance I get!

If you don’t know what Uppercase Box is about, it’s actually one of the first YA focused monthly book subscriptions available online. They put together the most popular Young Adult literature picked by the founder, Lisa Parkin. The books are in hardcover, they’re brand new and once in a while you may be in luck and get signed copies! The box also includes a signed bookplate, 1 or more high quality exclusive book related keepsakes, the reading experience content and a personalized letter to you from the founder 🙂 Check out their website from the link above or you can check their instagram for more images on their previous boxes, or search using the #UppercaseBox.

Did you receive your box yet? If so, what did you think of it? Leave a comment below 🙂


2 thoughts on “My Very First Uppercase Box!

  1. I haven’t experienced subscribing to services like these because I don’t know if they’re offering them internationally, but I am glad that you got to enjoy this package. I can’t wait to get my grabby hands on my own copy of Rebel of The Sands! I’ve heard tons of great reviews about it. Be sure to post yours so I would know your thoughts! 🙂


    • Hi! Thanks so much for reading my post and visiting my blog, as for the monthly book subscription you can check out their website by clicking the highlighted links on my post. They will direct you to their site or social media, where you can get more information. Though, from what I know they do have international shipping which is great!

      I too have heard great things about Rebel, I can’t wait to read it and I will for sure be posting a reviewing so keep an eye out 😀


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