Suicide Squad Volume 4: Discipline and Punish Review — 4 out of 5


Things are getting quite interesting in this series! Turns out Waller is alive, no surprise there and she manages to capture the squad to experiment on them and use their weaknesses. Again, no surprise there. What’s surprising you ask? The fact that the person helping Waller do all this and was to be recruited in the team is no other than James Gordon’s son; James Gordon Junior. Serial Killer.

This volume was filled with psychological analysis, which was interesting to see. I like how the team is learning how to play Waller’s own games on her, especially Harley and Deadshot. She may be a psycho but she still has Harleen in her, she’s not some dumb blonde when it comes to times that matter. She actually knows what she’s doing, well…for the most part.

Amanda Waller decides to show and tell Deadshot that she uses the Samsara Serum to bring them back to life. Reviving them when they actually die. Waller trying to show Gordon that she controls them. Showing each room with the team members dealt with their weakness. As an example I’ll let you in on how Waller dealt with one of them, Harley Quinn (of course). She says Harley will just fall for anyone who saves her. Waller had someone dressed as Joker to trick her but turns out the man revealed his true identity as a crazed fan of hers. The soldier came in to save her and Harley pretends to fall for him, but she ends up stabbing the guy. Harley tells Waller that she’s sick of her games, runs, finds Waller and knocks her at the back of her head while saying “Lookit mah gangsta skeelz.”

*clap* *clap*

This was when we find out that Gordon is in love with Amanda Waller. Accepts his role to join the team and commends her for using death row prisoners to pilot the drones.

Then the story flashes back to a mission they had against The Mother, where she turns people into crazy-folk. She had a huge monster that came to existence, which  made out of dead people. Gordon thinks the monster was headed towards the moon where the light was, on top the pyramid to bring sacrifice for The Mother. Then the doctors came in bearing wonderful news to Waller, that she will die. They explained how the Samsara Serum works only for a time but it will eventually kill whoever had in contact with it, not only Deadshot but also Waller. This was used on her when she died in the last volume.

The team decided to split and leave Waller after Belle Reve took over, she let them go without hesitation, sort of. This was when we get to see the backstory of both Harley Quinn and Deadshot. Now, I’ve seen and heard Harley’s backstory but never have I heard about Deadshot’s so this was quite the read for me. I never knew he was an artist that turned into a shooter. Both Harley and Deadshot have a dark past, and their future just continues to get darker from here on out, but in a way they have found some sort of peace when working with the squad. Harley went back to Gotham to try and live with her freedom but she couldn’t. She planned a scheme that Joker would’ve been proud of but Deadshot reminded her that he doesn’t care. Wouldn’t care. Deadshot on the other hand tried to finish the first mission he ever had when he was a kid but it didn’t bring any satisfaction or justice to him. Something was still missing. They both needed constant chaos in their lives. They needed the team more than they’d like to admit and like an answer to their prayer, Waller calls in. With their chips removed, thanks to Harley’s beggin’, Waller would need to trust the team as they come. She needed back up, Belle Reve was gone and she was the last woman standing. The team needs to form back together to help Waller. So who’s ready for volume 5 to find out what happens with the squad back in Waller’s hand? This girl!

By the way, did anyone else notice that Harley broke the fourth wall in this volume or was it just me??

Professional Reader


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