Suicide Squad Volume 5: Walled In Review — 3.5 out of 5

Well shit, a lot happened in this comic. I had no idea where this was going. The crime syndicate took over Belle Reve and Waller was held hostage by a bomb collar in courtesy of the Thinker. The dumb part was how Waller did not see that coming. We got what we wanted though, the team back together. What I did not realize was how Thinker managed to trick the heroes to find O.M.A.C.! We ended up with two squads that were on their way to find this weapon and ended up fighting over it. Albeit, they realized too late that they were tricked. The Unknown Soldier apparently had suspicions earlier but never mentioned it until afterwards,when the weapon was already gone, because guess who decided to up and go due to boredom? Harley Quinn. Thinker somehow got to her and told her how to activate the weapon to return to Reve. This was never explained, she just admitted she made a boo-boo but never elaborated on how and when the Thinker told her his plans and get the transmitter he used.

We find Waller heading to the sub-basement while Gordon Jr was helping her figure what was happening. Yeah, he is still sticking around Waller. Shark was Thinker’s bodyguard, and O.M.A.C was needed by the crime syndicate but Thinker’s plan was by transferring it in O.M.A.C before his body withers away. This was when we find out that King Shark’s father was, Kamo. He is one powerful shark that owned an island in Hawaii. He was supposedly so strong that he had to be locked up in a vault for 4 years, yet when he faced O.M.A.C. he died too quickly. King shark and the rest of the squad managed to outlive the power deity. Waller as usual was tricking people to do what she wanted; she got the team back to help save her arse while gaining control by telling them to shoot the magic bullet inside them to gain enhanced strength and power. This so-called magic bullet was actually a bomb with the side effect of gaining temporary powers.

The cool part was how we got to see a bit of back story for the other characters such as Boomerang, Steel, Power Girl, Warrant, The Unknown Soldier and a bit of James Gordon Jr.Yeah some of the good guys were part of this one all thanks to Thinker. I never knew Boomerang’s story, not sure if this was the original but I would like to say, of all the members in the squad, his was the less dramatic and the most typical one. We find out in this series, that the task force x was not the first attempt, this project started in alphabetical order. Experiments were made the day superman landed on earth. How O.M.A.C is a virus planted inside a human to gain powers, but the first subject could not handle it. The meaning behind this acronym is: One Machine Attack Construct. The second subject for this disappeared, or so they thought. Turns out, as Thinker transferred his mind and took over the machine, we find Kevin Kho. The second subject, he is still alive inside this weapon machine. Waller wanted to destroy O.M.A.C by dropping him in “the toilet”. I know, you are probably wondering what on earth I am on about. It’s a portal that leads to the unknown, they assumed it was another dimension and the name was too long for this project so she called it the toilet. Kevin Kho managed to hack the computer systems and told Waller not to destroy his shell, because he will die with it. Waller gave him time to gain to control, but once he finally did Boomerang shot O.M.A.C and kicked him down the toilet. The damned soul thought he saved the day, Waller actually needed Kevin.

The next few series of events irked me. The President along with the Secretary kicked Waller down. Not that she did not deserve it, mind you but I would rather have her control all of this rather than the President or the Secretary. She was blamed for the whole thing and was demoted. She was still leading the task force x but under their orders. They rebuilt Belle Reve and are taking full control of the situation.Everyone was apparently briefed of the project and they were fond of it. Now the squad will be known to do missions but not known as prisoners from Arkham. The Secretary used Black Manta to release the crime syndicate to set Waller up and left him a free man. But Manta did not have anything left, he came back and asked to join in the task force x. No one really knows whether Thinker died or not, but Waller has a feeling they have not seen the last of him yet. Overall, this volume was a good read, still unsure whether I would like to read the New NEW 52 so I’ll wait it out for now. If you read this series, what did you think of it?

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