The Summer Wind Down

Aside from all the touring, events and cons, Susan has been busy writing and editing Windwitch. One might think she’s completely disappeared from the face of the world, but this is far from the truth. Susan has been working day and night on Windwitch and a few events that I shall get to in a bit. Yes, she did take a long break from the internet life but it was for the good of her health and the book!

Since then, Susan has revealed that we have 3 covers to choose and collect for Truthwitch, two covers for Windwitch, some Q&A’s along with news about the Witchlanders clans!

Let us start with Truthwitch, I know you guys have seen and most likely bought both the US and UK hardcover for Truthwitch and even the US paperback version of the book. But have you seen the UK paperback version of the cover?

Behold, the UK paperback cover reveal:


This beaut is available to pre-order January 2017! You can hear more about the process of how they designed this cover here. You can see Susan’s sketch on how she wanted this cover to look as well. It would awesome if this cover was available for hardcover as well with the emblem embossed!

Guess where Truthwitch traveled to this month? Germany! That’s right, Truthwitch was published in Germany and if you have not seen the gorgeous cover for it then I shall do you the biggest favor and leave you breathless:


Isn’t it just lovely?! It really fits within the witchery theme of the story, the world and the way the characters are depicted from that cover.

During the month of August, Susan also announced that even though #TruthwitchTuesday is over it does not mean the clans have officially parted. As promised, she gave the news whether the Witchlanders will return, Susan has confirmed that #WindwitchWednesday will return! The first day started the beginning of August where she revealed the cover for Windwitch. If you have not seen it yet, get ready to be blown away (I’m sorry, I had to).

Feast your eyes on the US and UK cover for Windwitch:

Windwitch_US-COVER Windwitch_UK-COVER

Which one do you love more?? I love how both have a different mood set within the scenery and how Merik looks like he’s about to murder people for what they have done to those he holds dearly. Windwitch is available to pre-order at The Witchlands website!

Besides all these cover reveals, Susan has been taking part in The Pixel Project. This project is very important and we hope you can all help support it! It focuses on raising awareness with ending violence against women, they have a list of projects that anyone and everyone can participate in to help power through the violence against women and girls! Susan will have her session take place on September 25, 2016 at 8:30 EST, click here for the link. 


She also had a AMA on reddit about this topic along with any Q&A about her books, click here for the link. She also had a live interview with Ever Deen Mason on YouNow, which you can watch here! You can also see all other interviews with different authors in the same link, visit her website on The Washington Post to know more about her and how awesome she is 🙂

Now that you’re all caught up with the recent events that our Empress has been busy with I can leave you with today’s #WindwitchWednesday special:

 The summary of Windwitch!


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Happy Windwitch Wednesday my fellow Witchlanders!


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