My Very First Nerd Block – The Arcade Block

Ever heard of Nerd Block? They handle a monthly block subscription which contains all things nerdy!

You have 6 choices:

  • ClassicThis contains a mix of all the nerd block
  • ArcadeThis contains all things gamer related (i.e: Mario, Five Night’s At Freddy)
  • ShirtThis contains just t-shirts inside the block
  • Sci-fiThis contains all things sci-fi related (i.e: Star Wars, Star Trek)
  • HorrorThis contains all things in the horror genre (i.e: Games, TV shows)
  • ComicThis contains all things comic book related (i.e: Marvel, DC)
  • JRThey also have one just for juniors to keep the ratings for the younger audience’s eyes only

For the month of August, I decided to choose the Arcade Block. I was going to choose the Classic or the Comic along with it but I figured I should try one out first to see what kind of contents they have in a box. I am pretty sure it is safe to show my box now that it has been two weeks since the boxes were sent out.

Behold, my first Arcade Box:arcadebox6arcadebox1 arcadebox2


Allow me to breakdown what I got inside this awesome box. I got a $10 Shirtpunch Credit which you receive in every box. Five Night’s at Freddy Mystery Minis and as you can see above, I got Golden Freddy. Cute and creepy that little guy. I also received the Tetris Heat Change Mug, so retro. Then there’s the Super Mario Blind Bag, I got Bowser :p Then there’s the exclusive tee of “The Eye Of Truth” from the Legend of Zelda and last but not the least, the USB controller-SNES edition for nostalgia’s sake! Such a cool box to have, hoping to get either the Classic or the Comic one next time. While I make that decision, do go check out Nerd Block too see which type of nerd you are and grab the box made for you! Stay tuned for next time my fellow nerds 🙂


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