Book Haul of the Week

This week I hauled up two books, one I’ve been waiting for and the other I bought for two reasons: one, the author of book one recommended it. Two, I wanted to read and discover new authors’ stories.

Without further ado, the books of this week:

Empire Storms by Sarah J. Maas on the left and Captive Prince by C.S. Pacat on the right. I have been waiting for my physical book copy of Empire Storms and it finally came in the mail this week! It’s so beautiful and it’s huge that my hand actually cramped when reading, ha. As you know, I mentioned that the author for book number one recommended the second book for her fans to read and yes it was Sarah 🙂

She cannot stop talking about how good this series is and I have to find out for myself. I wanted to add another author in my to-read list anyways and Ms. Pacat, you have made my list! The Captive Prince copy I bought actually contains an extra exclusive story inside, which is pretty exciting. The covers are really pretty and colorful too!

I’m currently reading Empire of Storms, because it’s finally out after a year of waiting and let me tell you, it’s pretty intense so far. Albeit, I cannot wait to start Pacat’s series, I have heard great things 😉 What are you guys currently reading? Have you read any of the books above? If so, tell me how you’re liking it without spoilers please! That’s all for today, happy reading my fellow booknerds ❤


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