Word On The Street – 2016


This past Sunday my friend Lore (it was her birthday :D) and I attended the yearly Word On The Street book festival. We heard that they had moved the location to Harbourfront area, but had no idea it would be disorganized! The map they had was not accurate and we had difficulty spotting the tables we wanted to see. The tents were scattered, while there were some tables inside the buildings. I felt like they tried to make use of as much space as they could, but Harbourfront is just filled with buildings which created blockage. By the time my friend and I found the tables we wanted, everything was pretty much gone. Albeit, it seems like there were not many books brought on certain tables which was quite a disappointment. I just wished they would move back the festival at the Queens location. It was so much better there, easier to walk through the whole thing and not miss a tent or two! Alright, enough about my rant, I shall move on to more exciting news!

Unfortunately I did not purchase any books for this year’s festival, though I did grab a couple of keepsakes and one very important “bookmark”:

The Word On The Street map/guide, the Captain Canuck original art from the 90’s as a magnet, the Fantastic Beast poster and the last but not the least (because heavens above it’s finally happening) the bookmark that indicates Brandon Sanderson is coming to Toronto next year!wots16It’s the 36th year anniversary of celebrating Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror. On the 5-7th of May in 2017, Brandon Sanderson is the guest of honor! I have been waiting for the day that he comes here and it’s finally happening my fellow book nerds!

The event features:

  • Book launches
  • Writer Workshops
  • Discussions
  • Presentations
  • Book Signings
  • Masquerade
  • Saturday Night Dance
  • Art Show
  • Vendors
  • Gaming
  • Anime
  • Cosplay
  • Charity Tea Party
  • Guest Brunch!

What more could you want? It’ll be located in Sheraton Parkway North Toronto Hotel. You can find more details on the Ad Astra Toronto website. Are you freaking out, because I sure am! My boyfriend already surprised me with half his books signed, but I have yet to get the Reckoners, Words of Radiance and the new Mistborn series signed. Will you go? Were you at the festival? Comment below about your time or your anticipation building up for this event next year!


2 thoughts on “Word On The Street – 2016

  1. I went to WOTS, too! But I couldn’t find the Fantastic Beasts poster… (cries)…don’t know why. Maybe because it was my first time there, so I was really overwhelmed by the crowd and couldn’t find anything in all the bustle. The only thing I got was a free TPL book bag.

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    • They were near the water, I think. An artist drew people and the lady beside him had the posters while the trailer played on screen. We didn’t see it until we went around the second time! I didn’t get any free bags, I noticed there weren’t much free swags this year but that’s cool you found a book bag 😀

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