Hub-a, Hub-a This Is One Retro Box


For the month of September, I was subscribed for the Arcade Box and I ended up taking a trip to the past. Inside this month’s box contained 3 exclusive items, we only received one last month! I should warn you, if you have not received your box yet this blog post will spoil the contents for you. Move along while you still can, otherwise you have been warned!

I actually quite liked this month’s box better than the last, so without further ado here’s this month’s Arcade box:


The photo you see on the left is the full content of the box, the images on the right are 2 of the exclusive items included in this box! I know what you’re thinking, “is that a Sega Genesis?” Yes, my fellow gaming nerds, that it is. I shall get to that in a bit. Now let me breakdown the Arcade block for you, I will list them from top right based on the image on the left to the very bottom.

First one is an exclusive item, it’s a Classic Console Controllers T-shirt.

The 3 cards you see next are the $10 dollar Shirtpunch credit that comes in every box each month, the other one is a $10 dollar credit for the shop launches. The 3rd card is the one that lists all the contents of this month’s box, indicating which ones are the exclusive items.

The 5th item is the Retro Videogame Magazine, it’s the Replay Volume 1. It’s pretty cool, it gives you a bit of gaming history.

The 6th item is the Assassin’s Creed Collector Construction Set. I was really hoping for a Funko Pop, I was excited to know there was Assassin’s Creed items included for this month’s box. But this one disappointed me, I love the Creed and this item was definitely not something I wanted.

The next item is the Super Mario Bros. Chip Clips! This is the second exclusive item, it’s actually cute and useful. Now I can have my little power-ups seal up my favourite bag of chips.

The 8th item in this box is the 3rd exclusive item of the month, and yes it is the Sega Genesis that you see up there. It’s a USB Hub, folks! Now you can charge up your electronics into this cute hub, which also looks like you’re connected to play the Sega Console. I’m not going to lie, this is so retro and it brought back so many memories for me. It’s the most stylish yet nerdiest USB hub out there for nostalgia’s sake!

The last item in this box is the sneak peak card for next month, and as you can see Batman: Arkham Knight is the item of the month of October! Not just that, there are 5 exclusive items next month which includes items from StarFox and Five Night’s at Freddy’s!

Well, there you have it folks, Arcade Box’s September Nerd Block. What did you think about it? Did you subscribe for this month’s Block, if so which one? I have yet to try the Comic and the Classic box. If you guys haven’t heard of Nerd Block, you should check them out to see what other monthly subscriptions they have to offer 🙂


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