My Very First ARC

It was a pretty rough day yesterday, but it ended on a great note when the postman knocked on my door to hand over a package that contained this:


It’s Windwitch, in all its glory with some really stylish goodies that would blow your own socks off! See what I did there? Ha. It came with a note from Tor, two buttons (one of Windwitch and the other of Tor Teen) and lastly, the comfortable Windwitch socks that will keep your cold feet warm and cozy when reading this book!

This is my very first Advanced Reading Copy, folks! I’m so happy that I’m still shaking in awe. I’m ever so grateful and thankful for both Susan Dennard and Tor’s generosity. Thank you yet again, I cannot wait to read it! My dad and I had to fight over who gets to read first, but seeing as he is just finishing up Queen of Shadows (yes, I did introduce this series to him) that means I get to read Windwitch first. Huzzah!

If you’re wondering if there’s a way for you to grab your own copy, Susan has been giving away a few ARCs during her touring and there just might be some during her WayWitch with Alex Bracken this January! You can find their tour dates here: #WayWitch, Sooz said there’s more to come soon so keep your eyes on their twitter feeds and or newsletters 🙂

Susan is also having a giveaway on her twitter account here: WindwitchWednesday Giveaway. This giveaway will end tomorrow! Get RT-ting before your 24 hours are up 😀

If you would like the book, socks and a Windwitch patch (you heard me) you can now preorder the book through The Witchlands website, just claim your receipt to get these essential needs for all bookworms! Preordering is now available in Canada, the UK and US! Go here to preorder your very own copy:

Seeing as it’s Windwitch Wednesday, Susan has not only hosted the 24 hour giveaway but she also released the 150p excerpt for Windwitch on Netgalley! 

You can read the excerpt of Windwitch here. Happy reading 🙂


4 thoughts on “My Very First ARC

    • I did, hah. I know! Took a while for me to get him to read the books I read, it started with Sanderson books though. Get your friends into them, if your family isn’t into it 😉


    • She really is!! I still can’t believe this happened 😀 I’m in the middle of reading Windwitch, I can’t wait to discuss with the rest of the Witchlanders about this book 😀 Happy New Year, Nori ❤


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