The Truthwitch Set Me Free

Came home to find two books, one I have been waiting for since the day I knew it was going to be published. The other will be the next post after this one 😂. Now behold the beauty that lies before you…


The cover is just gorgeous, I am so glad that the seal and the title are embossed. It really brings the book to perfection! I love the way the typeface of the title is entwined, almost seems like Safi with Iseult’s Threads all around it. Do not even get me started on the map, it is just insanely detailed. Sooz is cray when it came to world building, the amount of research, drafts and story that went behind all of this is just insane! Does it not look like an actual map that exists in this world??

I cannot even begin to process how insane what you are about to see next is:

The #Witchlanders names are all in this version of the book! I was shaking and teary-eyed that I could not even take a proper photo of these pages. Susan truly needn’t do this yet she and Tor took the extra effort, as if everything she was doing for me and for all of us have not been enough as it is already 😭.

Lastly that is the back cover of the book, it really brings the book together as a whole with this theme! If I had to choose, I think this cover and the German covers are my favourite! Which ones are yours? 😄 If you did not see my post about those two Truthwitch covers you can click here.

Have you read this series? If not, you should really take a gander. It’s filled with magic, friendship, agonizing slow romance, witches and more! You can read my review here, be warned it is filled with spoilers 🤗.

Till next time, my fellow bookworms!


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