A Walking Fandom

Normally I don’t like my birthday, because bad things often happen but this year was quite nice. My day went well, work was good, my co-workers were very sweet, I was surrounded with both my family, friends and my boyfriend (even though he was miles away), who took the time to celebrate my day of birth.

A simple celebration is often what I prefer, but I do love surprises! This year, I freaked out when I saw the presents that both my family and my boyfriend got me. They didn’t have to go through the effort, but they did and I’m ever so grateful for it.

I also don’t normally post about it but these were worth the share. Behold, my birthday haul:

Yes, you see those correctly folks. That’s the Star wars Rogue One Jyn cardigan, the S.T.A.R. Laboratories sweater, the Official Dooney & Burke Star wars purse, Canson Drawing Sketchbook, an Indigo Gift Card, a Mall Gift Card, Skittles, and a gamer shirt designed by my coworker that says “Choose Your Weapon” with the various controllers!

These presents were too freaking amazing, I screamed and I cried. That Star wars purse you see was the purse I wanted from Orlando when I visited last year. Of course after seeing this, you can tell that I didn’t get to buy it then. Why you ask? I messed the hell up. I was at Disney Springs and I held the purse, but I figured they would have more options from Disneyland with other choices of styles. I had not realized that I didn’t ask the cashier which location at Disneyland had this purse. Turns out, it was only at the part where the Star wars theme park was. We had tickets for Epcot. I was devastated, I kept coming back to Disney Springs, but each time we came back they were already closed.

I had no idea, that my boyfriend decided to buy the purse that summer. He looked for it, found out Disney stopped selling it and found it from the actual designer’s site where some of their products were still sold. He didn’t risk it and purchased the purse, it arrived at my place around October. It was there at home this entire time, because he got my brother to hide it and wait for my birthday to surprise me. I must say, this may be the best surprise yet! I was quite speechless when they told me the story, just made me appreciate the gift a whole lot more. I haven’t left home without since then.

I’ve been wanting the official S.T.A.R. Laboratories sweater since the Flash TV show started and now I finally have it, it’s super comfortable and is made with good quality material. I was screaming and jumping when I saw this on my bed. My brother actually got it rushed shipped, because he thought I was leaving to Ottawa on my birthday but I’m leaving the week after haha. The Jyn cardigan was a recent find from Hot Topic and both my sister and brother actually bought it for me along with the Indigo Gift Card. My other coworker got me the sketchbook, knowing I often forget to bring mine to work so she got one for me in order to leave it at work for the times I forget the one I have at home. It was quite sweet of her to have thought of that. Not a lot of people know I’m a gamer, so when my coworker gave me that shirt I pretty much beamed with joy. It’s pretty epic, he knew I liked this design he made so he got it printed for me on a tee.

Overall, I’m pretty much a walking Fandom with all of these gears combined!

What’s your favourite birthday present and why? Leave a comment below about your favourite gifts and your worse ones.


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