Don’t Get Winded By This Bounty

I’m starting to lose my touch when making these witty blog titles, ha. It’s been a while since I received any book related mail and this was the perfect way to end my week!

I received these signed book goodies from Susan Dennard from the #Witchlanders Heist:

They’re too gorgeous, I was grinning like a madman as I opened up this package and took photos. It took a while to find a good one that would display their true beauty when in front of you!

The package included the following items:

Windwitch Book Sleeve Poster.

• Windwitch Door hanger with Truthwitch on the other side.

• Windwitch UK on one side and US on the other postcard.

*Addition: A card from Susan with the Air Clan pendant 💕*

I was not expecting the last bit, she’s such a sweetheart. This would be the second pendant I have, I should just get a chain where I can add the two in one to have as a charm bracelet. I was ecstatic to see this package when I got home. I’m ever so grateful to be part of the Witchlands family, words cannot express how much this Street Team has done for me and the other clans.

It’s been quite a journey, and I’m truly proud of Sooz. We Witchlanders will continue to cheer you on and lend a helping hand whenever you need it. Cheers to another Bestseller and to another book to come! Huzzah!

Don’t forget, you can order both Truthwitch and Windwitch at any bookstore or the website: The Witchlands.


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