FILL’ER UP Sketchbook Challenge 2017

Make Art Everyday!

This year, I discovered a new sketchbook challenge for artists. This challenge takes place annually around March and the goal is to make art everyday. So for the whole month of March you sketch whatever you like using whatever medium you wish to fill up either a new sketchbook or an unfinished one.

This is a way to help encourage artists to keep making, creating and spread art! It was a perfect time for me, since I finished the last page of my old sketchbook the weekend that passed. With the new sketchbook, I decided to draw things that I love to do or things that relate to me.

I know I started late, (even though the goal was to start earlier or the first of March) but the thing about me folks is that I’m indecisive. I could not figure out what to sketch for the whole month until today. So for my first sketch, it describes me while celebrating today’s event:


A sketch of a book lover for National Book Day.

Simple sketch that shows my love for books, tea and light sweaters. I will draw extra for missing Day 1, I actually drew this one on the second page of my sketchbook. I’ll draw the first page probably last, just to keep pace with the monthly challenge.

Hope my fellow artists are registered for this event. Not only do you get to practice with sketching daily but it also helps us discover other artists. This would be the second annual art challenge that I take part in, if you follow with my blog you can see that I have participated to two Inktober challenges, which takes place every October. The cool thing about this challenge is the end, where those who registered will have their art displayed for the exhibition for the month of April! How cool is that?!

This gathers artists to see one another’s work and to have your own sketchbook displayed for people to see. I think it’s a great experience and an awesome opportunity! If any of you take part in this event, please leave a comment below and let me know if this is your first time or not. If you want to know more you can ask me a question or you can visit ARTiculations for more information.


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