Sketchbook Challenge 2017: Sketch 02

A Rage Gamer Who Does Not Quit


For my second sketchbook challenge sketch, I drew one of the things I love to do; gaming. My family and friends often say that I have rage problems when it comes to gaming, be it an RPG game, FPS or a game of Worms. I am quite a competitive person, so I tend to get a bit… verbal as I play.

It was tough to get the angle right for this one, I actually started this the night before but I was too tired and frustrated to continue on, hence the late post. I think my posts will most likely be every other day, but I will make up for the days I missed at the end.

Any of you registered to the FILL’ER UP sketchbook challenge? If so, leave a comment below on your progress. If not, leave a comment on what my next sketch should be for a suggestion 🙂


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