Sketchbook Challenge 2017: Sketch 04

Staged Emotions


Growing up, I was encouraged to be part of the theatre by my parents but mostly my mother. I was in quite a bit of plays while as a child. We had performances each graduation and we took part in all of them. From singing Over the Rainbow as a yellowed dressed girl, to Chinese New Year celebrations, a clown (I cried!), a cheerleader, King and I, for the church celebrations as an angel, to Amaryllis, to Horatio from Hamlet and Alice in Wonderland singing Over the Rainbow.

Being part of the theatre was a big thing for me growing up and that all stopped as I finished high school. It’s nerve wrecking to perform in front of many people, but the best parts are the people you work with, the costumes, the scripts and the way people feel after the performance. I miss that feeling, but these mini experiences are nothing compared to actual theatre. I have yet to see a Broadway show live, I love how I often feel happier whenever I see a performance or after I perform myself. It’s quite odd, because I’m a really shy person but once the curtain opens, I feel like a part of me is bursting with joy.

I adore the stage, I feel comfortable yet unfitting to be part of it. This sketch is a way to show the different emotions actors may need to express while on stage and underneath it all they’re the complete opposite of their own characters. There’s beauty in theatrical performances and the actors that I can’t quite put into words, but it will always have a special place in my heart.


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