Sketchbook Challenge 2017: Sketch 05

We Can. We Will. We Are.

This is for all the women who have been, continue to and are fighting the good fight. Not only for themselves, but for their fellow sisters.

A lot of people still have the wrong idea of what feminism is all about and why it is still an on going issue. Both women and men tend to have a misconception about its definition. Here’s the big thing that you need to know, it’s for women’s rights. This is about getting equal rights for both genders, pay wise, status wise, job wise, inheritance wise and even the right to protect our own body.

We need to meet a line where we all agree that rape, sexual harassment and domestic violence is not something that women should consent to. Nor should these be blamed on them. We never said that these could never happen to men, because it could. The views are often different though, women are often put down or blamed for being who we are. Men are often excused for their actions while women always have to defend themselves.

The action and outcome goes both ways and it is for everyone to hear and pay more attention to. Women attack women as well, and when women bully one another it makes things worse. There’s enough crap in the world, why do we have to fight one another? We should focus on helping and supporting one another and fight together.

In the past Rosie the Riveter once said “We can do it.” In the present We Will continue and in the future We Are doing it, together, to fight the good fight. Be it if you’re a woman, lesbian, transgender or bisexusal. We stand as sisters, we are sisters and we are women.


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