Sketchbook Challenge 2017—Sketch 28

My Cat

I adopted my very first pet this past November and I am truly happy I ever did. He was a stray cat and they found him with scratches, marks and cut or bite mark on his ear. He is about 3–4 years old, but they think he’s younger than that. He was named “Seb” at the shop, but they barely called him by it so he won’t get confused when he’s adopted. I named him Sylar, why? Two reasons: Heroes​ and clocks.

We were trying to figure out what name to give him and trust me, I tried many book male characters but it did not work. My family and I recently finished binge watching the show called Heroes and when we found him checking every clock, watching them or trying to reach for them, we knew the name to give; Sylar.

This character in the show was a watchman and he made his alias using the watch brand, Sylar. It fit and it confirmed it even more so when he turned around as my brother tried calling him using that name.

I truly adore him and I am ever so thankful to have him as part of my life now. If anything, he saved me.


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