Sketchbook Challenge 2017—Sketch 30

Sketchbook Challenge 2017

This is it. The last page of my sketchbook and the end of the challenge. I took a few days later to finish the challenge, but I finally got there.

The sketchbook challenge was to make artwork daily, and this was not an easy thing to do. Especially when life gets in the way and when you aren’t as motivated or as good as others may be. It took a while for me to catch up, but I am quite happy that I reached the end and filled up my sketchbook!

This was the first time I ever took part in this challenge and I am glad my friend sent this my way. It was a great way to help me get out of that box where I thought I was stuck and that I won’t be able to do what I love anymore. That I won’t have time for it. I only seem to have time or make time whenever I do challenges, other times I see no point in trying. This was a great way to break me out of that. Yes, life will still get in the way but at least I won’t be​stuck, I’ll be making art.


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