San Franci-scored

Guess who wen to San Francisco?

Not me.

 My sister visited San Francisco last month and came back with lots of souvenirs for me that it felt like I went there myself, ha. I received this cute postcard made of wood from her and she joked around that all she got me were pressed pennies and stamped paper. Mind you, I like those so I did not complain. I was shocked to come home to more than those little remembrances!

Things to know about me: I love snow globes, sour sweets, gum, stamps, pressed pennies and basketball. My sister pretty much went nuts when she bought souvenirs for the family.

I shall list the items you see above:

  • San Francisco city snow globe.
  • San Francisco sticker.
  • Macarons from Ketsourine Macarons Jiggly Puff from Pokemon, Totoro from Ghibli film, and two other macarons.
  • Various stamps from national posts including Alcatraz.
  • Pressed pennies; one of Rosie the Riveter and the other says “My friends went to San Francisco and all I got was this lousy penny”
  • Razzles sour flavoured gum.
  • Stephen Curry’s basketball Jersey.

The reason why she got me the Razzles was all thanks to 13 Going 30 film. We used to watch this film a lot and we always wondered what Razzles were and how it tasted. You would think that we would search it online and find them, but we did not. She not only found them there, but she saw that they had a sour flavour! They are really good by the way, not a lot of sour candy or gum affect me but this one did. Now it is on my top 5 sour favourites. I was so close to purchasing a box of these online afterwards, ha.

As for the jersey, I am a Raptors fan at heart but there are only two other teams I liked other than my own team: Lakers and Golden State. Lakers not so much anymore since Kobe left, he was one of my favourites in the team. Believe it or not, this is my first jersey. I have Raptors gear to represent my team, but I do not have a jersey. I wanted one of Calderon before, but he left. I have yet to purchase one, maybe when I go to another game I will do so.

Overall, this was a great souvenir haul from a place I never even went to visit yet!


One thought on “San Franci-scored

  1. […] This beautiful wooden postcard was from her mini trip to Niagara falls. The imagery is etched on the wood, including the location. I love how it looks, it really captures the falls! This may have topped the one I received from San Francisco. […]


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