Susan Dennard Kisses and Tells

In the month of February, Susan Dennard had another live stream Q&A with the amazing Akshaya Raman for Valentine’s Day. This time they spoke about Writing the Kissy Stuff. This stream spoke about how to write the right stuff when it comes to relationships. Whether it would be possible to have a story without using romance as the main focus, or how to write love triangles.

Susan discusses how to write relationship developments and how to write slow burning romance, for those who melt during those moments (guilty of that). She speaks about how she is a fan of ships that do not sail, the unpopular pairing (i.e. Zuko and Katara). Did you also know that Susan loves heartbreak? I mean, it makes sense especially if you read her Something Strange and Deadly series!

She elaborates on love tropes and favourite tropes, now if you know Susan it is impossible not to get nerdy when talking to her ha. From books to shows to films to games, she talks about all the tropes and ships she sailed and continues to sail. A fun fact that we learned during this Q&A was that Susan does not plan her love interests in her books. She lets her characters talk to her and it flows from there when it comes to what happens with them and the story. I am very glad that the possible shipments happened or are happening in The Witchlands series.

Susan recommended to check out Romance Writers of America for those who would love to write a romantic based story. They will have a more in depth advice to guide writers when it comes to creating such stories. Susan though suggests physical separation when it comes to building relationships with the story. This works best when it is a series, if the possible couple ends up together early in the series, physical separation or conflicts will be the best scene to think about. I actually agree with this as an effective advice, I see it happen quite a bit when it comes to series and it does help build not just the relationship but the characters individually as well.

Akshaya had a lot of great questions as always, you are going to need to take some notes for this one guys. The chat discussed many things and YouTube basically told me that I need to calm down with my messaging and disabled me from sending anything, ha. My question was actually brought up and answered and I thank you both for this, you can find that at 46 minutes in the stream.

“Even though romance is not Susan’s main story line, she still writes the cutest just-kiss-each-other-dammit moments” – I said this that night, and do you not agree folks?

Susan said she also is not a long series writer and apologized, but we are getting more than a trilogy for The Witchlands series. I think this may change as time passes 😉 This Q&A was helpful for me and to many others who joined us that night, I hope this also helps you when it comes to writing romantic moments. Keep notes and find a trusted reader that will help you but do not forget that this is your story. You get a say in this as well, and like Susan said “see what makes your heart go boom, boom.”

PS. Susan talks about the Pink Lady in this Q&A and I am sorry, Sooz but I actually vote for her to have a cameo in Sheridan Institute. *cross fingers that this will happen*

If you have not read any of Susan’s series, I suggest you do. I like how different both of them are and how unique they came to be. For those who enjoy necromancers, zombies, knees and magic, I suggest you read the SS&D series. If you enjoy magic, witches, elements, creatures, assassins and friendship, I highly recommend reading The Witchlands series. If both sounds to your liking, then by all means read the hell out of both series and we shall discuss in the comments or my other social media handles.


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