The Cosmere Delivered



I finally have the whole collection of the Cosmere by Brandon Sanderson, just in time to meet him for the first time in 2 weeks! The collection continues to grow as the latest released novel, The Arcanum Unbounded came to be. Surprisingly, I have not read this novel just yet, and I am thankful that I have not seen any spoilers for the 9 stories that are complied in one book. I am excited to see what we shall discover here while we await the Oathbringer later this year!

I purchased the Bands of Mourning as well, the 6th book of the second Mistborn series. I love this series, and I did not think I would grow to love it more after the first one but Sanderson hardly ever disappoints! The way he wrote this world is just brilliant and while we wait for The Lost Metal, we get to read about the Eleventh Metal in Arcanum. There is a bit of everything Cosmere in that novel and look at the size of that thing! Sadly the version I got is taller than the rest of the Cosmere books, so now my collection will be uneven but hey, which series is perfect besides a box set right?

Now, let us talk about the cover art of these books! I can never get over how beautifully well designed the UK covers are for this series, from the art style to the color schemes and the overall theme:

They are just gorgeous! Brandon Sanderson’s books are the only books I know that has both memorizing plots and covers in one, do you not agree? If you ever read any of the Sandman’s books, leave a comment below and we shall discuss endlessly but please no spoilers! 


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