Ad Astro 2017

My first book signing and sci-fi con


I went to attend my very first sci-fi con at the Ad Astro Society for today’s event and I must say, it was much different compared to the other cons I have been to. There were a lot of authors present, but seeing as I do not read much sci-fi books I unfortunately did not recognize any of them. I did look around in their Dealer’s room, which was the artist alley and saw some pretty cool books. I noted them down and took the business cards, of course to add to my TBR list.

There was a free book that came with the registration along with the programs of the weekend. The book is called “The Iron Assassin” by Ed Greenwood as shown above. The Queen’s Viper by Lesley Donaldson had a free ebook of the first book in the series, while book two is coming this fall. I only bought one thing at the Dealer’s room, a Sterling silver ring with Amazon River stone on top handmade by Black Currant JewelryShe was nice enough to size it up to my ring finger before I bought it. I love the design and the color, it looked very elvish which is why I ended up buying it.

The rest of the time I awaited to meet the Sandman and my partner in sign; Sajal. We actually met for the first time today, she​ saw that I was heading to the event and that it was my first. Turns out it was her first time as well, she messaged me on Twitter and we decided to meet up there. Sanderson created friendship this day!

After hours of waiting, I finally had the pleasure to meet the one and only Brandon Sanderson. Creator of the Cosmere universe and the man who constantly blows my mind!

He is super nice and such a cool guy! He asked us for questions that we had for him, unfortunately I did not have one that was not answered already. I brought the remaining books I had that were not signed yet. The first Mistborn series along with the first book of the Stormlight series, Warbreaker and Elantris were signed when my boyfriend saw Sanderson during his UK tour a couple of years ago. As a surprise he got my books signed as well. So this time, I only had to bring the nine I had and I am truly grateful he signed every single one of them! I also told him that I made the shirt I wore, they were two quotes from two books in the Cosmere:

“The life of a person is more than the chaos of its passing, because there’s always another secret.”

Can you guess where those two quotes are from? I unfortunately did not get to ask him to sign it, but I did ask for a photo of him. He took my sticky that had my name and a note that said “I love Shallan!” It all happened so fast that I could not even process everything at once. I was so nervous that I kept talking! Internally, I was screaming but it was amazing. For a first book signing, it was pretty epic, especially since it was from Brandon Sanderson!

Now it is official, all my Brandon Sanderson books are signed and just perfectly complete. I need to read Arcanum Unbounded, though. Are any of you a Sanderson fan? If so, please leave a comment below and share your experience with meeting the legendary author! I sure cannot wait for his next visit, albeit if you missed today’s event he is still here tomorrow and he will be having brunch with those who purchased the ticket and a reading panel. Check Ad Astro Society for more details!


5 thoughts on “Ad Astro 2017

  1. I enjoyed reading about you attending your first book signing. And meeting one of your favorite authors. I never heard of him before. Reading your post I felt your excitement..👍 📙


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