Map of Courts


Came home from work and found a package from Bloomsbury. For one second I was confused and the next I was internally screaming before externally doing so. I received the pre-order goodies from Bloomsbury’s A Court of Wings and Ruin giveaway!


It’s so freaking gorgeous, I could not stop smiling. Turns out my boyfriend ended up preordering the book, because I could not do so due to the signing. I knew it was from him, because of the label and because he was the only other person who knew how badly I wanted this map. Albeit, when I asked what he got me he completely forgot about it for a second. I did not think I would ever be able​ to get this map, ever.

Yet here it is, all in its colourful glory!


This is the second map that I own, and I cannot stop staring at it. The artists for this beautiful piece are both Charlie Bowater and Kelly de Groot. These two are just truly talented! If you have not seen their work, please click their names to see their websites. You will not be disappointed! I swear I promote Charlie and her work every second I get, ha. Did you know that Kelly is the same artist who designed the Throne of Glass series map? She and Sarah met through the fan fic, before it became Throne of Glass. I have yet to meet these incredibly amazing artists someday. They need to come to Toronto for the Expos or the Cons.

You can see my Empire of Storms pre-order post here and the Witchlands from Truthwitch here! I love this map, I need to find a place to hang it. Frame it and hang it near my shelf 😍 Did any of you pre-order the book and have you received your maps yet? Leave a comment below about your favourite pre-order goodies.


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