GUEST POST: Beauty and the Beat–Ch. 7

It’s time for Valentine’s Day! Chapter 7 is up (I completely missed the finished piece so it’s a bit late) We’re almost coming to an end with the guest posts by @obdobuk! This chapter was a steamy one, hope you all enjoy your read 🙂

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Chapter 7

Valentine’s Day had never meant much to Adrien. Not because, to date, he had never had a serious girlfriend. At least not just because of that. But because he never understood why you’d only choose one day a year to be extra-romantic to the person you love.


Adrien mused as he sat at the bar, sipping at a bottle of water. Recent events had shown him he wasn’t well versed in matters of romance so he may not be in the best position to judge. He thought back over a month, to the morning after the night he and Marinette had spent together.


Everything was far more awkward in the daylight than it had been in the dark. Marinette had woken up first again and her scramble for something to wear woke him up too. They had tried to make conversation but eventually Adrien left her room and stayed away from her for a few days. Not that Marinette tried to see him when his “work” kept him away from dinner for three days in a row. She clearly felt as awkward as he did.


“Dude what happened between you two?” Nino had asked on the second night. Adrien had been torn about how much to reveal to his friend and in the end said not much of anything.

“It’s nothing dude. Just some weirdness. We’ll be fine”.


And they had been. After a few days everything had returned to normal, except there was still some hesitance between the two. Some undefinable change that had brought them both up short. But there were still times when they looked at each other and just…wanted.


Still lost in his thoughts, Adrien didn’t notice the woman until she draped her arms around his head.

“Oh just my luck! A pretty little kitty for me to play with!” Adrien didn’t recognise the voice or the fox costume but a single breath told him she was way past drunk. Her hands were busily trying to work their way under his top until he gripped her wrists firmly.


“That’s no fun” the drunken Fox pouted as he unwrapped her from himself.

“I’m sorry but you’re not quite the creature I’m looking for”. Adrien twisted out from beneath her and turned to face the Fox. He still had her hands but now they were crossed in front of her; away from him.

“But I bet I’m more fun”, she said with a sloppy wink. “Bet I’m sexier too”.


Adrien almost snorted but his ingrained politeness managed to prevail. Having been the standard of male beauty for many years, Adrien felt uncomfortable comparing one person to another. But the idea that this stumbling, intoxicated woman was in any way more attractive than his Ladybug was laughable.


Eventually she wandered away and found a far more willing man to entertain her. Adrien wished them both the best of luck as he picked up his bottle and surveyed the crowd. It was an interesting mix of people. Single people looking for company, couples wanting to dance and a few people who wanted neither. Adrien wasn’t sure which category he fitted into but where Nino went, he followed.


He had arrived early in the hopes of seeing where Alya and Marinette went, but he couldn’t see anyone he recognised. Club Miraculous was hosting a Valentine’s night and the floor was packed. Barely any room to move. So it wasn’t a surprise when he didn’t spot his friends. But turning on his seat and finding himself face to face with his Ladybug was definitely a surprise.


“My Lady”, Chat said, smiling at the woman in front of him. “It’s good to see you again”. Ladybug smiled back and his heart sped up.

“Chaton, did you think I would miss Valentine’s Day?” She was back to her normal costume as was he. Adrien couldn’t see any wings tucked away tonight. She winked as she noticed his gaze. “Maybe next time”.


Chat Noir grinned and nodded.

“It’s been a long time since we last met Buginette. I wonder what you have for me tonight?” She laughed and even in the deafening club, he heard the sound like it was the only one in the world.

“I think you’ll find Chat, that there is no room for an exhibition tonight. Our DJ is going to be just that. No judging duties this time”.


The look on his face must have been amusing because Ladybug burst out laughing.

“My poor Chaton” she smiled, leaning forwards to scratch under his chin. Her scent filled his nose and made him light-headed. “Tonight is just dancing but you get me all to yourself”.


Adrien could hardly believe his ears and on some level he knew his jaw had slightly dropped. Ladybug was his dance partner for the whole of the night. For the whole of Valentine’s Night. Adrien didn’t know if that was even a real thing but he didn’t care. The look of shock on his face split into the widest smile. His hands on Ladybug and her hands on him; Adrien could think of nothing better.


Ladybug reached forward and swiped his water bottle before finishing it.

“I’m glad you’re hydrated Chaton, you have to keep up with me tonight. I hope you’re up to the task”. Adrien stood up, once again towering over her.

“My Lady, you don’t have to worry about that. You should be worried about me being too much for you”. Ladybug leaned forwards and stood on her tiptoes. Her chest pressed against his made him wish for another bottle of water.

“Chaton, I’ll take everything you have and more”.




Marinette knew he would be there.


As she walked into the club and made her way through the packed crowd, she knew he would be there. And she wasn’t wrong.


Nino had told her about this gig in private.

“I’m not entirely sure what is going on between you and Adrien”, he said one day as they were alone in the lounge. Adrien was in class and Alya working in her room. “But I’ve got my regular Valentine’s gig at the club and you can join if you want. I don’t know if you have other plans”.


Mari smiled softly, “are you trying to figure out if me and Adrien are doing anything that night?”

“I already know you’re not”, he replied. “I just thought I’d be polite about it”.

“You two share more than Alya and I do” Mari teased.

“We have a healthy relationship. Both of us know where we stand”.

“Wow very subtle”. Marinette rolled her eyes but Nino’s words rang true.


Ever since their night together, she hadn’t quite known how to act around him. It wasn’t a feeling she liked. Going back to école maternelle, Mari had always been sure of the people around her. She knew how she felt about everyone. Adrien had changed that. Sometimes they would be laughing and joking with everything completely innocent, then the next moment their eyes would meet, she would see his eyes darken and all Marinette would want to do is press herself as close as she could get.


But there were also times when she felt awkward around him. Not quite sure what to say or do. And Marinette knew that was because of the masked man before her. When she was hanging out with Adrien, Chat never crossed her mind. But sometimes, when she was alone, she would remember the way he danced and the way he moved and want to see him again.


Chat was different to Adrien, she thought as she leaned in close to tease him. Adrien was still very reserved and moderated while Chat was raw and uncut. He was who he was, and who he was made Marinette dizzy.


Mari leaned back and knew from his expression that Chat was drunk on her; she felt the same way about him.

“Is that so Buginette?” He asked as he recovered from her.

“Of course kitty. Have I ever said something I didn’t mean?” Chat laughed, agreeing that she was a bug of her word.


The music changed from a party song to a real beat and Marinette knew that Nino had taken his rightful place upon the throne. They both turned and watched as, within moments, DJ Bubbler had the entire club writhing to his rhythm.

Marinette felt her heart race as she turned to the man behind her.

“Care to join me Chaton?”

“Ladybug, you have no idea”.


Mari grabbed Chat’s hand and lead him to the floor. Nino’s music had forced the dancers to even greater heights. They rocked and jumped and swayed all around, and Mari used the gaps to lead her partner right to the centre of the crowd. Where there was the least space.


Where they would be forced up against each other.


She turned around to face him and felt Chat’s arm wrap around her waist, pulling her even closer than she had been before. His left arm was rarely still but occasionally it would ghost up and down across her bare skin. The sensation of his fingers caressing her made Marinette want to shiver. Her own arms were draped around his neck making sure he didn’t look anywhere but down at her; she didn’t have anything to worry about.


Chat’s eyes were fixed on hers as they danced to the music. The lighting in the club wasn’t that bright but she could see every shade of green that was staring at her. She could feel his heartbeat through his chest and smell the sweat from his body. All of it served to make her head spin even as she moved with Chat to the beat.


They didn’t think or plan. They didn’t communicate at all, yet Mari wasn’t surprised to find that they were perfectly in sync. It had taken Alya and her many years to gain that level of understanding but there was no shock whatsoever to discover that Ladybug and Chat Noir were in tune with each other. Chat’s hands were tight on her but they did not guide. Her own were around his neck but they didn’t steer. They simply flowed as if they were made to move together.


The beat changed over and over again. Different songs and different rhythms. And yet despite the changes, they never dropped out of rhythm. By now Marinette was hot, her skin was damp with sweat and her heart was racing; she loved every second of it. Every moment writhing and grinding with this cat made her want to dance harder.


So she did.


Marinette danced recklessly and furiously. Throwing herself from Chat and waiting to see if he could keep up. She found space and let loose, dancing without censure. Letting the beat speak to her so she could translate to those watching. She noted the awe and shock on the faces of those around her. As well as the fact that their eyes were not all fixed on her.




Adrien couldn’t breathe. Ladybug had been dancing with him, and against him, for so long he couldn’t remember anything. He had no concept of reality beyond these walls. The only thing he could think about was Ladybug’s body beneath his fingers and a beat in his bones. Then she had left him.


She moved away from him and dancing that much harder. Wings or not, Adrien thought to himself, this is how Ladybug flies. The need to go to her was almost unstoppable, but before he had taken a single step he recognised something in the way she was dancing. It was almost like an invitation.


Every move she was doing was great on its own. Amazing even. But Adrien could see the little gaps she was leaving, the slight hooks she was making. Just like a rising inclination at the end of a sentence. One that forces a response from the listener. Adrien doubted whether anyone else was capable of seeing; this was just for him. He wasn’t just supposed to join her, Adrien was supposed to compliment her.


Two strides took him right to her and once again he didn’t have to think. Chat simply responded to her. It was as if every move she made was a sentence in a conversation. So he replied.


Adrien danced without a second thought. He and Ladybug dancing intertwined yet not in contact. Each one moving to the beat and to each other. Singly and together. He stayed behind her, supporting her, emphasising her in every way he could.


With a flick of her wrist and a pop of her hips, Ladybug told Adrien she was about to finish and he was ready for it. She rose higher and higher, building the dance against the music and Adrien was there every step of the way. The crowd screamed and then she was done. Ladybug and Chat Noir standing together, face to face as if they hadn’t a care in the world.


Adrien was in awe. Never had he expected that to happen but it had, and he didn’t know what to do. His body was on fire, lightning flowing through his veins and all he wanted, as the crowd surged forwards, was to have Ladybug all to himself. So he wrapped an arm around her waist and moved them both away from their fans. They parted the crowd and moved to the bar. A bottle of water each and they were tucked away in a corner, Ladybug leaning back against the wall looking up at Adrien who was standing in front of her.


“That was incredible” Adrien stated. “Amazing. Ladybug that was like nothing I’ve ever seen in my life”. His dance partner smiled up at him, the shape of her lips making him stare just a little too long. He knew he had been spotted when she slowly bit her lower lip before answering.


“Honestly? Me too. It took me and A-ah Lady Wifi years before we could dance at that kind of level. Each one of us playing off of the other”.

“Then why did you try it with me?”

“I had a feeling you’d figure it out”.


They looked at each other and Adrien didn’t even know how to begin describing what he was feeling. Normally he would make sure he didn’t react in the wrong way but he was becoming more and more relaxed under the guise of Chat Noir. Adrien decided he didn’t need to describe what he was feeling. He just needed to show it.


There wasn’t enough space to take a full step forward but Chat tried anyway. He pressed up against her as she arched between him and the wall. One arm around her waist and the other hand cupped the back of her neck as he angled her mouth towards his. Ladybug’s lips came crashing against his and would have forced him backwards had he not been moving in just as quickly.


Their lips tangled a moment before Chat felt Ladybug’s tongue force its way into his mouth and he gladly met it with his own. Ladybug was writhing against him, pushing and pulling at his body, driving him insane with desire. He returned the favour and made sure to rub the entirety of her body with his.


Adrien heard her groan over the music but his knees weakened when he felt her tremble. He knew he was shaking just as much but that didn’t stop him from doing it over and over again until they were both panting. He was more out of breath now than he had been when they were dancing.


Her lips.

Her tongue.

Her hands.

Her body.


Every inch of her was tormenting every inch of him in the most delicious way possible. Adrien couldn’t take it so he gave it back; as good as he got. Chat made sure his hands roamed wherever he could reach. From her neck to her thighs and everywhere in between. And as his hands roamed his fingers stroked and teased. And through it all he never ceased pulling her towards him. They could never be too close.


Adrien could feel her heartbeat on his chest. He could hear her ragged panting when he pulled his lips away from hers. And he could smell the blood when Ladybug’s fingers tore through the skin on his back as he bit her. Chat Noir couldn’t remember when her hands had made their way between his hoody and his skin but he didn’t care. The sensation caused him to groan even as he bit harder into his Lady’s shoulder.


Seconds later he began kissing and licking the very spot he had bitten. Soothing her skin even as he agitated her with his actions. He kept on working, soaking in every moan, groan and gasp that escaped her lips. He memorised them and would treasure them for as long as he could. In case this would never happen again, Adrien thought, he would get as much as he could. He would glut himself upon the reactions of Ladybug.


With that in mind and the taste of Ladybug’s skin on his tongue, Chat clamped his lips over the bite and sucked hard. Chat knew that later Adrien would feel ashamed of what he had just done but right now, Chat felt a terrible pleasure at marking his Lady. And judging from the deep, guttural noise that escaped her she enjoyed it too.


Adrien tore himself away from Ladybug because he knew that if he didn’t do it now, he never would. They stood there, panting for breath as they stared at each other. It was baffling to think about what they had just done yet the entire club was still dancing as if nothing had happened. He opened his mouth to speak but nothing came out. Ladybug too seemed lost for words as she simply grabbed his arm and pulled him back onto the dancefloor.




Marinette burned. Her whole body was on fire and she couldn’t stand it. The way his lips had moved and the way his tongue had danced. It drove her wild and now she was dancing with him in the middle of the floor. Dancing with him, on him, against him, for him. All were accurate and she had no intention of holding back. He had caused this so he could deal with the consequences. But from the way he fiercely clung to her, Marinette could tell he was not troubled by what she was doing.


She clung to him as well. Ladybug moved in ways she never had before but not for a second did she ever let go of this man. She would be lying if she said that she didn’t blame him for her current condition. Fully swept away by the passion coursing through her blood, Marinette completely blamed Chat Noir. And most definitely wanted him to do it again. And again. And again.


For the first time, Marinette was glad her face was hidden. She was in no way ashamed of anything that had happened tonight, but there was a freedom in wearing a mask. If there was no mask between her and Chat then she wouldn’t stop what she was doing, but she’d be blushing terribly at the same time.


Ladybug spun to face away from Chat Noir but there was no space between them. Their hips rocked in time with the beat and his hands roamed her body freely. They began at her legs and moved higher and higher until one pressed against her bare stomach and the other tilted her head until he could kiss her from behind.


Marinette moaned as she returned his kiss as best she could. The way he was holding her made it almost impossible to do anything but surrender to what he was doing, and Marinette had no problem with that. His palm branded her stomach and his kiss robbed the breath from her body. But she wanted more. She wanted it all.


He tore away from her, gasping for air and they both began dancing again. Furiously pushing and pulling against each other and not caring about those around them. They were lost in each other to the point that neither noticed that the music had long since changed. Dancing with Chat had become the only thing on Marinette’s mind and she didn’t even notice Alya until her friend grabbed her shoulder and shook. Hard.


It was like being pulled from a dream. Marinette was confused and disorientated and wanted nothing more than to go back to where she had come from.

“I know you’re having fun but it’s time to go”. Marinette blinked a few times as the words sunk in. Alya. Nino. Club Miraculous. Slowly everything started to make sense. She turned and saw Chat Noir had a similar look in his eyes.


“I…I have to go” she stammered out. The passion hadn’t completely vanished but it had faded enough to allow her to think clearly. She couldn’t think of anything else to say so she turned away and hurried after Alya, all the while feeling colder and more alone the further she went from him.


The journey home was a blur. Marinette didn’t speak until she had gotten out of the shower and found Alya waiting on her bed.

“You could have knocked. I might’ve been naked”. Marinette wasn’t really annoyed, she just wanted something to say.

“And I would have thanked whatever God there is for the sight”. Marinette rolled her eyes at the comment but grabbed her pyjamas and retreated back into the bathroom to change. She re-emerged a few minutes later dressed and towelling her hair. “Tease”.


Mari dropped down on her bed and pulled her knees to her chest and wrapped her arms around them. She could feel tiny rivulets of water dripping from her hair down her neck but she didn’t move to wipe them away.

“Want to talk about it?” Alya asked quietly.

“I…don’t know” Marinette answered. There was silence until Alya couldn’t take it anymore.

“You looked like you were having fun tonight”.


Marinette’s lips quirked upwards at the understatement.

“I guess you could say that”. Alya smirked at her best friend until they were both laughing on her bed.

“I didn’t realise you knew how to move like that girl. I was very impressed and a little turned on”.

“Honestly it wasn’t planned. He just does something to me that makes me want to be very…”.

“Yeah I get you. Those are the guys you want to be careful around”.


Marinette nodded. She knew all this but that didn’t help as much as the cold shower did.

“You like him”. It was a statement but Mari still nodded.

“What’s not to like? He’s funny, nice, a great dancer, he’s gentle except when he’s not. He sets me on fire”. Marinette forced herself to stop and breathe slowly before she needed another shower.

“A name would be nice to know”, Alya quipped.

“To be fair he doesn’t know mine and he seems cool with it”.




Adrien stood beneath a deluge of freezing cold water with gritted teeth but it wasn’t helping. God he wished he knew her real name.




“Guys are all the same. So long as you have a nice body they don’t really care who you are” Alya stated.

“You were the one who said he was only looking at me remember? Built like strippers, looking like models but he was only looking at me. Your words”.

“Yeah but-”.

“And I saw him. Some other girl was all over him before I reached him and he didn’t look into it at all. And she was really pretty”. Marinette left the jealousy she had felt out of her tone but Alya’s gaze said she knew anyway.

“I never said he didn’t have standards but-”.

“No. I may not know his name but I know him. He isn’t like that”.

“And are you?”


Marinette stopped. Alya was unusually serious and Marinette waited for her to say what’s on her mind.

“I know you Mari. Your body follows your heart. It’s just how you’re built. If you’re acting like this with Chat Noir then you like him. Really like him”. Marinette didn’t even open her mouth to argue. Alya was right. She really liked him. “But given how you spent the night with Adrien, I know you like him as well. And yes I know nothing happened”, Alya said when Mari was about to protest, “but that’s not the point. The point is you’re falling for both of them and if you don’t figure it out soon you’re gonna end up getting hurt”.

“And hurting them” Mari added quietly.

“So what? I don’t care about either of them. I just don’t want you getting hurt because of them. They’re not worth it”.


Marinette sat still on her bed. A part of her wanted to deny Alya’s words but she couldn’t.There was too much truth in them. She was falling for Adrien and Chat Noir at the same time and she couldn’t see it ending in a way where she wouldn’t get hurt. Adrien was kind and sweet and such a wonderful person. He was generous and so open hearted it made her melt.


Chat Noir was like his polar opposite. Wild, reckless and completely uninhibited. A phenomenal dancer and so full of passion it burned. Mari knew she would love being with either of them but she also knew she would miss the other. Relaxing on the couch with Chat was just as ridiculous as raving all night with Adrien.


They both have green- No.


A random notion born of desperate hope vanished between one blink and the next. With a frustrated sigh she collapsed onto her bed, not caring that her hair would soak the sheets. Alya shifted around and moved closer to her best friend.

“I’m sorry. I know it sucks”.

“It does” Marinette agreed.

“If you chose one that doesn’t mean you lose what makes the other appealing”. Mari couldn’t help but smile. Alya had known exactly what she was doing. “Nino has always been really relaxed and laid back. He really balances out my obsessive craziness”.


Marinette snorted. She remembered thinking at the time that Nino wouldn’t be able to handle the hurricane that was her best friend. But not only had he done so, he had even managed to relax her a bit.


“Exactly. But one time I was gonna do something…not smart for a story and he put his foot down. Absolutely refused to let me do it. Literally would not let me move”.

“What were you going to do?” Marinette enquired.

“It doesn’t matter. The point is that this really chill guy I’d been dating for a few years, was able to stop me from chasing up on a story. Maybe Chat Noir likes to snuggle. Maybe Adrien has a wild side. Don’t worry about what you’ll lose. Just focus on what, on who, you really want”.


Mari lay there letting Alya run her fingers through her still damp hair. It was soothing but wasn’t enough to distract her from her dilemma.

“I have to decide soon don’t I?”

“Given how much it’s getting to you, I think you do”.


Once again Marinette sighed and Alya’s hands moved down to rub her neck before stopping.

“What. Is. That”. The confusion lasted half a second before Marinette bolted upright and covered her neck with her hand.

“It was nothing!”

“It was a bite mark!”

“It was no-”.

“I saw teeth marks! I did not know you were into that stuff. Good for you!”


Marinette went bright red and tried to move away but Alya wouldn’t allow it. She clamped her arms around Mari and held her tight.

“So Chat Noir brings out my girl’s freaky side. Or are you like this with Adrien as well but never got around to it?”


Marinette thought back to her night with Adrien. The idea of Adrien biting her like that made her realise that it was not a Chat-specific act. She also knew that if he had bitten her then she would not have stopped what they had been doing.

“No. It’s definitely not just Chat” Mari said quietly.

She could practically feel the smile on Alya’s face and it amused and exasperated her.

“I’m so proud of you!” she squealed.

“What for?” Mari asked, confused.

“Being brave enough to explore. I have so much to share. Wait until you try getting sp-”.

“How about we leave the recommendations until I have someone to try them out with? Otherwise you’re just making the lonely nights lonelier”.


Just like with her smiling, Marinette could tell when Alya was pouting, and she was pouting in a big way. They talked for a while longer before Alya left for her own room. Mari stayed where she was, laying atop the covers. Her night replayed itself against her eyelids whenever she tried to sleep. Sometimes she could feel Chat’s teeth biting into her skin. The next second it would be the memory of Adrien’s body covering hers. Marinette sighed again and rolled up into her blanket. She knew she wouldn’t get much sleep tonight but she didn’t need to be cold at the same time.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: The ultimate dilemma! Who does she choose? Well we know who she’s going to choose. But what clothes will he be wearing? Keep reading to find out. Once again thanks for following me this far. Add any comments or questions at the bottom. I’d love to hear what you think! – @obdoduk


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