Christmas Haul 2017

🎄🎄The overall haul of this year’s Christmas🎄🎄

From left to right: Petunia Pantone Coated Tumbler from my coworker, Let’s Get Inked (Deathly Hallows Fake Tattoo) from a friend, Alex and Ani’s Harry Potter Collection “The Boy Who Lived” Ring, Himalayan Salt Lamp, Stranger Things Pun Graphic Tee, and a Calligraphy Set

I’m grateful for such great presents from everyone that took the time to get me something and those who thought of me during this holiday season!

Each year, my siblings and I have our secret siblings gift exchange. This year my brother Matty got me for Christmas for the first time and this punny guy done spoiled me! We have a set of clues that we create to either correlate with the final gift, your secret sibling or the gifts for the said clues. My brother decided to create puns out of the clues for me to guess what they were, and not only that but the first letter of each clue were planned in a way to spell his nickname.

Here are the clues laid out in order:

🎁CLUE #1: May I just say that having you as my secret person is lit?

He got me a Himalayan Salt Crystal Lamp! I have been wanting one for a while, as it’s supposed to help in a therapeutic way. It acts like a purifier as a block of salt is attractive to water vapour which means it cleanses the room from dust, pollen, smoke particles, and bacteria.

It’s known to help reduce the risks of catching a cold or flu, increases one’s calmness as it helps reduces stress, helps one concentrate, lessens headaches and migraines, it’s supposed to help you sleep at night (and we all know I need this) the pink colour is known to help soothe one to sleep. It also eases one with asthma or allergies and helps improve one’s mood. I don’t really believe this works for all the things listed above, but I have a couple of friends who use them and have admitted these things to be true. You just have to make sure you purchase a real Himalayan made salt lamp, otherwise it will only work as a regular lamp without the benefits. I mostly needed it as part of my trial and error run on helping me sleep and to help with my stress. Here’s hoping it’ll help do the trick!🤞

🎁CLUE #2: And downwrite awesome because I already know you so well?

A Calligraphy set! This is also one of the things I have been wanting for a long time. I love typography and I plan to design more typefaces/fonts. I enjoy using a calligraphy pen, I have quite a few nibs on me and 2 or 3 coloured ink. I am excited to give this a try.

This set came with a bottle of black ink, a wooden pen with a steel pointed nib, an instructional booklet, A-Z exemplar, decorative labels, vellum sheets 😍 and a lined guide sheet. It’s so neatly packaged, well presented and nicely designed. I started crying at this point 😭. It’s so beautiful!

🎁CLUE #3: Though, a lot of the stuff you bring up are hard to find, I somehow managed.

He got me Alex and Ani’s Harry Potter Collection; The Boy Who Lived ring!💍⚡️ I recently found out about this brand through a coworker of mine and was told by one of them that they had added a Harry Potter collection. I wanted this ring, because I not only love rings but I wanted to purchase this style through Etsy a few years back. I could never choose which looked good, I didn’t want one that would tarnish and this came along. It’s so cute and pretty. This ring is a 14k gold plated and yes I was crying when I opened this up 😂😭.

It’s so precious! Look at the cute packaging with the quote.

🎁CLUE #4: Then again, you’ve asked for Stranger Things before.

This right here had me laughing. Not only was this gift perfect, but it sums up my relationship with my brother. We love to sing, make puns and this song has been stuck in our heads since we finished binge watching the series. I thought this was such a cute gift!

And that’s unwrapped!

Here’s a photo of both me and my little brother after the exchange:

What did you guys receive this Christmas? Leave a comment below with links and photos, I would love to see! I hope you all had a joyous Christmas celebration with your family and friends! May you all have a warm and festive holiday 🙂


Inktober 2017—Day 31: Mask



Mask, is the face of Grim himself. A skeletal man in a suit.

For today’s prompt, I decided to draw the man behind the scenes of this comic to close off the challenge. I figured this would be a different take on Grim.

And that’s a wrap my fellow artists! Can’t believe this month felt so slow yet it flew by. This was a great way to bring me back to sketching again. Let’s hope I’ll keep on going. Hope you all had a great time with this challenge. Thank you, Jake Parker for another great year of Inktober and thank you to my followers and visitors for taking the time to check out my work!

Keep on inking, nerds. See you soon!


Inktober 2017—Day 30: Found



Jack had thought he found a stray, but what he really found was a spying guardian.

For today’s prompt I decided to draw the first encounter of both Jack the Reaper and The Guardian. This was a quick one, thought it’d be nice to have them both in one scene for once.

My fellow artists, can you believe it? We have one more day to go! We’ve been working hard for this year’s Inktober challenge and we’re so close to the end. Hope you’re all doing your best! Leave a link below to your work so I can check them out.

Inktober 2017—Day 29: United



One only hopes that the sorcerers and the grim reapers shall be united in the near future.

For today’s prompt, I took a while to figure out what to sketch out. I’m trying not to drop any spoilers, but it is quite hard to do so when some of the prompts call out for them😅.

2 days left! Man, this month felt so long yet the days went by so fast. It’s maddening, really. I’m glad that I kept on going with this challenge. Hope you’re all doing your best, we’re almost at the finish line.

Inktober 2017—Day 28: Fall



With all the things Jack had lived through, sometimes he can’t help but fall apart from seeing so much pain.

For today’s prompt, I drew Jack falling apart after all the souls he has taken. To have seen the good, a lot of bad and the ugly that humans do in life.

Back go being all caught up for Inktober! 3 more days, can you believe it? I hope you guys have been doing well with your challenges. Keep up the great work!

Inktober 2017—Day 26: Squeak



He squeaked when he heard the door creak open. His time has come.

For today’s prompt, I decided to draw Jack visiting a dying soul. He arrived too early and the person saw him.

The perspective is off on this sketch, I believe I drew the person at the end a lot bigger than he’s meant to be. Don’t you love it when you notice what you did wrong after you finished the piece? Gah!

Inktober 2017—Day 24: Blind



Blind Sorceress.

For today’s prompt, I decided to draw one of the sorceress in this series; Agatei. She has a special aura that increases her strength when releasing magic, and the one thing that makes her unique is her sight. Agatei was born without it, some may find this as an unfortunate thing but Agatei sees more and senses more than someone with sight. She feels and reels all living and nonliving thing, to her and the sorcerers find this a blessing. The sorceresses come to her for any aid, she’s one of the best.

I struggled with drawing this one, it’s the first time I’m sketching a character without sight and I didn’t want it to look offensive or incorrect. If any of you have any feedback, please leave a comment below.