Inktober 2017—Day 20: Deep



Deep within the forest, a hidden pathway leads wanderers to sorcery.

For today’s prompt I decided to draw something that kept my hands moving. Today was a stressful day at work and a frustrating day for myself. Instead of ripping the page, I sat at the ravine and scribbled away. The pencil version looks nothing like the finished inked version, and I think it worked out better that way.

So exhausted, but this challenge is really helping me push myself to give time for what I love to do. Can’t believe we only have a week and a half left to go.


Inktober 2017—Day 19: Cloud



A puff of cloud.

The Reapers tend to travel through teleporting when needing to go the distance and to some, they appear like a puff of cloud.

For today’s prompt, I decided to draw something simple. I was inspired by the Apparition spell in Harry Potter. Figured it would be a cool way for the Reapers to travel around.

Inktober 2017—Day 18: Filthy



Filthy death.

For today’s prompt, I decided to draw some of the filthy things people do to one another. A death so filthy found by Jack before he retrieve her soul. The person responsible for this won’t get away with it.

This was a bit late. I had trouble drawing this scene, as it was a bit triggering for me. I really wanted to try and show more of what’s to be expected in my comic, so instead of avoiding death drawings. I figured, I needed to practice doing so sooner than later. I apologize in advance if it’s too much.

Inktober 2017—Day 17: Graceful



Graceful ascend

For today’s prompt I decided to sketch a graceful soul ascending from a body. Just a quick one today, I fell asleep and when I woke up it was already 10pm! Almost missed another day…ha.

This was a weird one, I don’t think it really captured what I wanted. What do you guys see is happening in this photo?

Inktober 2017—Day 16: Fat



“Think I could hit that from over here?”


When the Reapers aren’t so busy claiming souls, they spend some time goofing off. Decided to draw a more comical scene this time, just to practice that part as well.

I seem to be playing catch-up more than I wanted to lately. I apologize for that, I’m just too exhausted sometimes and work is way too busy so I get home later than normal. Hope you guys are still up for the challenge! How’s your Inktober coming along?

Inktober 2017—Day 15: Mysterious



Mysterious Reaper.

For today’s prompt, I drew one of the youngest Reaper. People don’t really know how old she is and what had happened to her that she ended up the way she did. She has quite a mysterious vibe, and other Reapers also fear her. For her choice of weaponry, she carries nunchaku scythes.

Two weeks since this challenge has started and I cannot believe I’m having trouble getting these done. I hope you’re all doing well with your challenges!

Inktober 2017—Day 14: Fierce



Jack’s fierce mentor.

Another late post. This was something quick. Jack had a mentor before he became a full-time Reaper, he taught Jack everything he knew.

Getting tougher by the day, the prompts seem to get a bit more complicated to tie-in with my theme. Which I guess is a good thing, because then it makes it more challenging.

Inktober 2017—Day 13: Teeming


IMG_20171013_232055_637.jpg Souls in the underworld were teeming.

Today’s prompt took a while to figure out that would relate to my comic. Figured something as simple as a bunch of gestures made to look like souls ought to do it.

All caught up so far, hoping to keep on track from here on out. Hope you’re all doing your best with the challenge so far! Link your artwork below the comments, I would love to see what you guys are sketching 🙂

Inktober 2017—Day 12: Shattered



Shattered she was, when she knew the truth.

I’m playing catch up today, as I missed yesterday’s prompt. I was so dedicated with this challenge that I was actually shattered after work, I didn’t have the energy to sketch and just crashed. This was pretty quick to sketch when I finally got to it today. The next one should be fun.

Almost two weeks in, how are you doing with your challenges? Are you right on track or playing catch up? Leave your links to your artwork below for me to check out 🙂

Inktober 2017—Day 11: Run



Run out of time.

Today’s prompt was run and I was planning all these other scenes to draw, but I’m so exhausted that I decided to just draw something simple. In this comic, some people are aware when their time comes, some don’t. But what they all know, is that they’re running out of time. So make the best of what life you have left.

Still at it, fellow artists! Been close to giving up each day, but something in me keeps me going. People and my love for art are still strong in this one. Hope you’re all doing your best during this challenge!