Susan Dennard and the Witchlanders call for your aid.

Remember my post about Sightwitch cover reveal and book reveal for the upcoming novella to be released in January? Unfortunately, a snag on the design and production end was found. This was not something they could have known, so now the release date for the book has been pushed back to 3 weeks.

Sightwitch is now released in February 13, 2018


You may think this isn’t that big of a deal, but there’s more to it behind the scenes when it comes to processing the books, the timeline, the bookstores participation, the promotional marketing and the overall publishing.

Here’s where you precious witchlings come in the picture.

A task is given to you from the Witchlanders’ Earthly Heirs and Susan Dennard herself; a hand we need.

Since all promotions and tour dates are nonexistent at the moment and everything that was planned is pushed back for this book due to the setback, we ask you to help us spread the word. That’s all we need.

There are many ways you can spread the word about Sightwitch. You can click the link provided by Susan below, where you can read furthermore as to why this happened and how you can help. Something as simple as adding the book on your TBR list on Goodreads will help, even leaving a review of Truthwitch and or Windwitch!


The link above contains all the information you need, along with the different ways you can help us spread the word. If you have any other ideas, please feel free to leave a comment below or message us about your suggestions. Any contribution is worth something!

The link also has a raffle for a chance to win the e-book of Sightwitch, Sooz is giving away 5 copies of those e-galleys!

While she’s giving away the e-galleys, I’m giving away 2 copies of Sightwitch in hardcover for those who are willing to help us in any way they can. Enter the Raffle below for a chance to win 🙂


I’d say it’s a perfect Valentine’s gift for someone 😉

Thank you so much for all your help in advance, my fellow bookworms. We truly appreciate all your help. If you have any questions or concerns, send me a message on Twitter or leave a comment below.


Tower of Dawn—4 out of 5

“It is not the end.”

I’m not sure how I feel about this book. I enjoy it, but it wasn’t the best. I like how we got to see other parts of this world. I adore Antica, but I didn’t like how Sarah seemed to have just mushed people together. I don’t like how both Nesryn and Chaol cheated on each other before finding their true love. I like Yrene, waited for her return in the series and yet she managed to have her development with Chaol too sudden. I liked Nesryn, yes she came out of nowhere but she’s a great add on and I like her with Sartaq. The relationships in this series is just all weird now. Everyone is rushed to be paired up when it’s not necessary.

Story wise my mind was blown. Maeve is such a devious witch. I hated her from the beginning and continue to hate her, though I admire her. Love that they had the healers involved in this story. I liked getting to know the Khagan and his children. I adore Kashin and Sartaq. Hasar did remind me of Aelin, or Celaena a bit, though she did vex me many times. Had no idea it was Duva, I had thought it would be Hafiza, Arghun or even Kadja. Was way off it seems, ha. Falkan was quite random, I had actually thought it was Nox in disguised but I was so wrong. I have yet to see his return in this series. I did like the clans, especially the rukhin.

The overall story seemed a bit slow, too much flirting between Yrene and Chaol. I was more interested in what happened around all that. Right when they met there was a spark and that frustrated me. Though the parts where he dealt with his pain, self hate and void hit me hard. I cried at these moments. Cried when he was relieved from it too. I had thought he was going to die, was ready to throw the book if it happened. Was thinking Sarah wouldn’t write a book about Chaol just to kill him off. Though the part of the bond, the death pack reminded me of Rhys and Feyre. I’m just glad Sartaq didn’t die and that Kadara is alive.

I hope the last book will have such an epic war, unlike ACOWAR as we now have quite the allies against Maeve. We have wyverns, ruks, witches, Fae, cadre, assassins, the armadas of other Courts heading to Terrasen to fight a war against the Valg. This book was rated a 4 out of 5 for me. I’m happy that Chaol is well and learned to cope, I also cannot wait to see Yrene’s face when she sees Aelin. It was a huge growth on his end, an acceptance that’s long needed. I just felt like something was missing, possibly because I loved EoS and QoS. This didn’t have much magic involved, though there was quite the adventure. I can’t wait for the next book, I’m hoping it will be action packed! It isn’t the end yet, folks. Not just yet.

Professional Reader

Saga Volume 6—4 out of 5

“You’ll never understand the way the worlds really work until you surround yourself with people from all sorts of weird backgrounds.”

I must say, it took a lot longer for me to read volume 6. I waited too long. I missed these characters so much. I root for Marko and Alana and I’m glad they both are still together in this series.

Sucks that the Prince was stripped off his title, but it’s nice to see that his son Squire (so cute of a name choice) is all well and grown. Alana and Marko have been on a mission to find Hazel and Marko’s mother, and Marko refuses to kill people now. Hurting anyone is not something he’d want to go back to, especially after he pushed Alana in the past. Ghüs and Friendo became the guardians of Squire while Alana, Marko and Prince Robot rescued Hazel. They found out that she was in Landfall.

It was nice to see that things worked out somehow in this volume, with the teacher even helping Hazel and not telling the guards about her. She was willing to save Hazel by shipping her out the place, but that was just in time for Marko to have teleported in using the helmet he and Alana stole from the museum. Prince Robot had to act like a regular guard and asked the headquarters to lower down their wards. Petrichor was introduced in the last volume and she was the one who saw Hazel after the teacher had fainted. She assumed that the father forced himself to the mother and created Hazel, but she didn’t know that the two were actually married.

At the end, she told Marko the plan the teacher had to save Hazel and that was when they saw each other again. Hazel remembered him and he gave her the stuffed animal she had as a baby. Marko’s mother wanted to stay behind, she wanted to be with the community that was made within these cell. It was nice to know that she was happy and proud of the man Marko came to be. Petrichor ended up going to take the mother’s spot in transport, because she hated it there. She punched Alana in the face which was something I did not expect to have happened. I mean it’s better than actually getting shot or killed. She had thought the relationship was not real, but Marko introduced Alana as his wife and that the Prince was an ally. This was when Petrichor said that she can smell Alana was pregnant! They have a second child :0 I wonder if it’ll be a boy or another girl! I’m just really happy that Alana and Marko have Hazel back and that their family is whole again.

As for Will, I was quite surprised to see what happened to him. He let himself go, he’s lost and filled with hate that he ended up as a heroine addict. He kept seeing his ex lover and she manipulated his mind (but obviously they were really his thoughts) and he was out to kill the Prince. The reporters, Doff and Upsher were back in the series again. The two were back on looking for the family that had an “abomination” child. They went back to their leads especially since they heard that The Brand is now dead. They even met up with Hazel’s ballet teacher. But their luck wasn’t as great since they ended up on the same track as Will. He took them as hostage to help him find the Prince.

Once he found Squire though, Ghüs the brave soul defended the child. Sophie then showed up, Will was seeing her and she made him realize how badly he’s gone low. He was about to murder a defenseless and innocent child. She told him that if he really wanted to make someone pay for what happened to go back to the woman responsible, so he left. The reporters managed I escape their ropes from the ship and was now left behind in the same land Squire, Ghüs and Friendo were.

I wonder what will happen to them, I don’t think the Prince will like them, but then again he doesn’t like many people. I hope that Petrichor will have a bigger role in the series and that we find out more about the character, because she seems pretty cool. I wonder what kind of powers she holds! I can’t wait to find out whether the child is a boy or a girl and how they’ll end up looking like once they’re born! I also wish that the Will will find inner piece and find time to grieve his loss. He was one of my favourite and it hurts and also vexed me to see him this way. He also now lost his right fingers thanks to Ghüs and I don’t know how that will help him in any way! I do miss Sophie or The Brand, rather. She was one of my favourite characters as well. I think I like more characters than hate in this series. I still highly recommend this series for those who haven’t taken the time to pick it up yet.

Professional Reader

Something For You


During my boyfriend’s visit, he gave me a gift.

The first gift that he got to give me in person. It’s a shirt with the Stormtrooper holding Darth Vader’s head with the quote “Sith or not to Sith”. The other part of the gift is a Harley Quinn sketchbook/journal.


If you haven’t noticed, I’m a huge Star Wars and DC fan so these gifts were pretty much the best combo ever. He was traveling for work in Spain and saw these two, thought of me and decided to buy it.

The Star Wars shirt is too good, I’m a Shakespearean fan as well and the graphic on this shirt had me grinning. The sketchbook/journal has blank pages which is perfect, because it means I can use it for my drawings and practices not just for writing. It also has a sleeve pocket at the back of the book for any inserts needed, which comes in handy for me. It comes with a pen/pencil holder, a black bookmark, with a wrap for sealing the book with the diamonds symbol as its emblem and the freaking paper edges are in black!

Perfect, right?

Albeit, I wonder if I’ll have the courage to actually use this journal. It’s always the dilemma when I get a new notebook/sketchbook. The content that goes on and whether you’ll be willing to actually have anything on there. Truly am grateful for these gifts, they represent me and my nerdiness approves the sweet gesture.

Thanks, love ❤

Rebel of the Sands—3 out of 5

I think I had high expectations for this book, especially since it was a Bestseller. It felt slow for me, this was also my fault though for reading too slow. I paused many times, because I have been in a bad reading slump. I thought it started off with excitement, of a girl wanting to shoot her way out of the place she hated. To a place where she could be so much more, where she could be a woman and not be disrespected. Then she meets Jin, who she pretty much fell for after they interacted. The build up was too slow to where the action and magic started. They showed snippets of magic happening, told stories about it that intrigued me quite a bit but it wasn’t really shown until halfway through the book or more.

It didn’t get really interesting until we met the Rebellion. I really liked the Rebellion, the way Shazad fought, the twins and their powers, also Delila and Hala. I did like how Amani’s power was controlling the sand. I felt like I should’ve seen that coming. Quite a few things were obvious, like how Naguib, Jin and Ahmed were related. It was weird though, because I clued in that Naguib and Jin were related but it didn’t click that they were related to Ahmed until later. Noorsham and Amani as siblings was also obvious, I had wished they revealed more about his side of the story for me to know the truth. I actually thought we’d meet their father at one point, if the war got so bad. The plot was good, but it was missing more action. I felt as if the build up was too long to a war that was too short. I didn’t like how fast the ending was, how little we saw the war that we waited for to happen. The ending seemed rushed to me, I felt like it should have been elaborated more same with the magic system because it’s really cool. Wished there were more about the Demdji and the Djinn, the desert demons and the magic.

It was overall a 3 out of 5 stars, due to the magic system, characters and story line that was presented in the book. Amani and Jin’s character did vex me at some points, but the other characters made up for their forced romance. I do hope Noorsham will be back in the story, and that we will meet the Djinn in this series. It was a slow start, with the mythical creatures, magic and middle eastern world as the thing that reeled you to the end where it started to pick up. When I saw it, this book wasn’t a series yet and knowing that this was only book 1 out of x in a series I am looking forward for better world and magic building. I need to know more about the Demdji and Djinn!

Professional Reader

Warded Dice


During the end of April, I entered another contest held by both Peter V. Brett and Karen, this time it was a Still Life Contest to win the limited edition of Painted Man in Australian edition (they look gorgeous and match the novellas!). What the contest entailed was to take a photo of your Demon Cycle books in a creative way and send them to Karen, entries were unlimited. Originally, there were 2 winners in total. First prize would receive the limited edition signed copy of the Painted Man. Second prize was to receive a signed copy of a Demon Cycle book, but seeing as many entered the contest both Mr. Brett and Karen ended up expanding on the winners and prizes!

I ended up sending 3 entries in total, somehow I managed to make it to the top 3 winners!

First entry is the Painted Man of Arlen Bales with ink, a signed book plate and my sketch of Rojer.

Second entry is of Renna Bales from The Skull Throne with a signed book plate, my sketch of her and a warded-like dagger.
Third entry are of the beautiful hardcover novellas, The Great Bazaar and Brayan’s Gold along with Messenger’s Legacy, with hand carved wooden dices of the warded symbols. Inspired by Inevera’s hora pouch.

I’m ever so grateful that both Mr. Brett and Karen chose my entries, because it was a long shot. There were many great entries, it was pretty cool to see each entry! I ended up receiving warded dices with a signed bookplate:

Now I actually have an hora pouch haha. They’re a lot bigger than I pictured, it’s awesome! I have always wanted one, it definitely beats my wooden ones that’s for sure. Now, to use for evil or for good?

Well that settles it! You can peep at the full list of winners posted on the Mr. Brett’s Peephole blog post. While you’re at it, check out his blogs and his work for those who aren’t familiar with it. You should also check out Peter V. Brett’s twitter for more contests to come in the near future. If you have not read this series then you should most definitely do so! You can now pre-order the last book of this series; The Core. For US cover you can go to Penguin Random House or any of the list below, for the UK you can go to the links below as well. Other countries covers have yet to be revealed!

You can purchase a copy of this series here:

Book Depository

Graphic Audio

Barnes and Noble

Amazon and Amazon UK

Thank you for the precious additional collectible, Peter and Karen!

May The Verse Be With You


So my sister went to another one of her mini adventures and one of those places was Stratford, the place known for theater. She was only there for a day, but she still managed to get me something. She bought me the trilogy of Ian Doescher; William Shakespeare’s Star Wars.

I have been planning to get these books someday, because I thought it was ingenious. I love Shakespearean time and Star Wars, having both in one is just awesome! I actually was not aware that they had a box set for this series, I always saw them separately in bookstores. These books are quite beautifully designed, from the sleeves to the covers, the pages and the artwork inside.

Inside the box contains these three books: Verily, A New Hope, The Empire Striketh Back, and The Jedi Doth Return. I love the way these covers are done, look at the details and their attires! Can you imagine seeing these as theater posters? The paper quality for these sleeves are so nice and these are just the front sleeves. The back of the sleeve shows different illustrations that are in the book with a little blurb underneath and the first page have these colored patterns. The inside of the sleeves show the chapter illustrations used inside the book itself as shown below. The actual book covers are simple with a worn-look to it, the book titles are sort of embossed in gold.Not only is the book itself designed well but they also added in a poster in the set, sized at 8 x 34 inches and it’s quite amazing. The only thing I do not like about it is how the posters in these box sets are always folded which ruins the whole imagery. I do not know if that’s just the designer in me, but I’m sure most fans would not like a folded merch. It’s too long in fact that I had to make a GIF of it, to show the whole thing.

This was such a nice surprise, I cannot wait to read it. The artwork is illustrated by Nicolas Delort, this talented Canadian and French illustrator designed all the art pieces you see here. My sister also got me a Rheo Thompson candies chocolate, the house I got had cats on them and she did not even realize, it was meant to be in my opinion. :p She also managed to give me TAZO English Breakfast tea, just because of course ha. I’m so happy that I have the trilogy of this series, I know there are others but these were much needed. A bit late to celebrate the 40th anniversary, but better late than never. 🙂

Are you a Star Wars fan? Do you like Shakespeare? If so, leave a comment below about your thoughts of this series. If you read it, please avoid spoilers in the comments! That’s all for now, fellow bookworms.

Map of Courts


Came home from work and found a package from Bloomsbury. For one second I was confused and the next I was internally screaming before externally doing so. I received the pre-order goodies from Bloomsbury’s A Court of Wings and Ruin giveaway!


It’s so freaking gorgeous, I could not stop smiling. Turns out my boyfriend ended up preordering the book, because I could not do so due to the signing. I knew it was from him, because of the label and because he was the only other person who knew how badly I wanted this map. Albeit, when I asked what he got me he completely forgot about it for a second. I did not think I would ever be able​ to get this map, ever.

Yet here it is, all in its colourful glory!


This is the second map that I own, and I cannot stop staring at it. The artists for this beautiful piece are both Charlie Bowater and Kelly de Groot. These two are just truly talented! If you have not seen their work, please click their names to see their websites. You will not be disappointed! I swear I promote Charlie and her work every second I get, ha. Did you know that Kelly is the same artist who designed the Throne of Glass series map? She and Sarah met through the fan fic, before it became Throne of Glass. I have yet to meet these incredibly amazing artists someday. They need to come to Toronto for the Expos or the Cons.

You can see my Empire of Storms pre-order post here and the Witchlands from Truthwitch here! I love this map, I need to find a place to hang it. Frame it and hang it near my shelf 😍 Did any of you pre-order the book and have you received your maps yet? Leave a comment below about your favourite pre-order goodies.

Sarah J. Maas—ACOTOUR


Yesterday was the day I finally got to meet Sarah Jane Maas. The event was held at Etobicoke in Indigo Bookstore at Sherway Gardens. Now, my friend Lore and I originally planned to be there by 8 the latest but when I woke up around 5:30 AM, I saw her text that pretty much said people were already there. I jumped out of bed to get in the bathroom and quickly get ready to head over. On my way there, the update showed 62 people in line and by the time I got there they lost count and the line was so long I was tempted to run. I found out that some people have been there since 3 AM! They started from outside the mall, until the security guard noticed the growing line and let them in.

When I got there it was 6:40 AM, it was like doing the walk of shame for being late in class or work. One cannot underestimate SJM fans, because the line just kept growing after that. I was actually in awe at how amazing the dedication of the fans were. The rain kept pouring down and so did the fans. The line was so long, that we reached the max capacity for the wristbands before 9 AM! We were separated into 5 groups, I was in group 3 and were told that we would be going in at 11 AM when the store opens to purchase our books and get our wristbands. Everything was going well, met 5 new friends during the wait, bought our books (though I did forget to use my plum card), got our wristbands then the chaos started.

We got up to where the Q&A would be held and the crowd just kept coming, both fans and customers. We couldn’t get a spot to standby to see Sarah, all security guards kept telling us different things, in the end we just lined up to get our books for the signing. Unfortunately we could barely hear Sarah through the speakers, but I did follow the Q&A through Twitter. There were rumours going around that the Q&A would be cut to 15 minutes and the signing will be rush in order for Sarah to catch her flight. Many were disappointed at first, seeing as it was her first time touring Canada and this was her last stop for her tour. But in the end, the Q&A lasted an hour and both Sarah and her husband took their time to converse with every single fan while they signed the books.


That’s 1 out of 5 photos that I had during the signing, I was getting so nervous when I saw her in between fans during the line. My hands started shaking when I was within a few feet away from her. My heart was pounding and I was starting to get teary-eyed that Lore and the other people in line were trying to calm me down, you guys rocked by the way! By the time I was next in line, I told Lore I couldn’t do it. I knew I was going to cry. When Sarah told me to come on up, the first thing she did was compliment my Evenstar necklace. I then gave her the card I made with the drawing of Night Court. At first she thought I wanted her sign it, then I told her it was for her and she was surprised. She said it was beautiful and Josh asked if it was made out of sharpie, hehe. I used ink to make the card and wrote a little note in the back for her.


I then told her that I didn’t want to cry but she said “It’s OK, I welcome tears! I’m the girl who cries when dandelions grow.” I laughed while crying at this point. I thanked her for writing these books and characters, spoke about some personal experience I dealt and continue to deal with, how her books helped me through some of these moments. Then she stood up and hugged me! This broke me, I just sobbed and she said “OMG, you’re really crying!”. I was a mess, she held my hand after she hugged me and slowly sat back down still holding my hand while I pretty much poured my soul and thanked her. She then signed my book and this was when I realized I forgot to ask her questions, the only one I remembered was whether Amren is part of the ToG world and she said no, but we might see something in the next books!

After that she gave me ACOWAR, I waved and said hi to Josh and she thanked me for coming while I thanked her for finally coming here. Then I walked away wiping my tears as the staff gave me my camera. She said she just kept holding it for the blast and as she handed it back I saw 109 or 119 photos, I was super excited. I saw some of the fans in line cheering me on as I walked away trying to compose myself, ha. Once I got out and got to the food court, I checked the album and it didn’t show any photos at all. I freaked! I was so sad and Lore suggested we go back to ask if we could go in the back of the line to just get a photo. Thankfully, the staff and security were nice enough to let us and I felt bad for cutting in between the next person but I was grateful they let me take candid photos. The funny part though is how awkward we looked, mostly me. When I got back up, Sarah said “Hello again” while Josh just laughed. That is how I ended up with 5 awkward photos with them, haha. Below you can see my signed books!!


They are both so darn adorable though, all smiles and their laughter is just the best thing ever. I was so happy to have met both of them and that Sarah was super kind and lovely about our meet, even though I cried nonstop. So much for not crying and be all chill, ha. Overall, it was an amazing day. I was super happy, I still have trouble processing the whole thing! I loved every moment, even though I was a complete mess and lost the photos. We were both crying, but she still looked perfect in the end. She’s such a beautiful woman, I forgot to tell her! Both her and her husband are honestly High Fae, I swear it. They’ve got faerie or elvish blood  in them, I don’t know which but it’s one or the other! The girls and I gathered in the end to take photos with our copies before we parted ways. I am so glad to have met them during the signing, they made the wait a blast! This has been my second book signing and both happened in less than a month!


Here are the photos of all 3 books from this series:


I truly love the color scheme for this series and the theme of Feyre with different Night Court attire. I cannot get over how beautiful the dress is for ACOWAR, how it was inspired by Charlie Bowater’s artwork and it’s just perfect that the color is green (one of my favourite colors). The photos below shows the artwork featured for this series, which was the exclusive version that Indigo had. I love it, the front page shows Feyre and the Inner Circle while the back of the book shows the Inner Circles with their separate panels. These artwork were created by both Charlie Bowater and Coralie Jubénot! They’re both so talented, I live off their artwork along with other amazing artists in this fandom! If you haven’t seen any of their artwork, please check them out!


That’s all for now, thank you for stopping by. If you were at the event or any of the stops from Sarah’s tour, please leave a comment below with your experience and which edition of the book you have!

A Court of Wings and Ruin — 4 out of 5

“I believe everything happens for a reason.”


This book gave me such an emotional roller-coaster ride that I had trouble figuring out how to process everything in the end of it all. I do have quite a bit of ranting to commence, albeit this does not mean I hated the series. I just expected more—more from the character development, the plot and some individual characters. Especially after A Court of Mist and Fury.

Let us start off with a bit of ranting.


I was not a fan of how Azriel and Elain were sort of forced to have some sort of spark between the two, especially since Lucien was bonded with her as mates. He was trying and she cared not for him, only did she show some interest when he helped find the Vassa. Then comes in the Mor confession, I have no issue with her coming out but I felt like it was a sloppy way of doing so. It did not make sense with the previous story line in ACOMAF where Sarah showed some deep burning love between the two and now she reveals that Mor is lesbian, in defense. That was not a good way nor was it a good time to share it with someone. Feyre and her had to fight for that to happen. Then there’s how Mor is the third in command, yet she barely had any scenes where they revealed her true power as The Morrigan. We finally saw a bit more of how and what Azriel’s powers can do, we always hear about Cassian and Rhys’s powers but not Mor’s. She was shown fighting a bit, but not to the point where we see her true potential. We even got to see Rhys and Helion in their true creature forms but not enough about Mor.

Then there were the death-gods, these gods were hyped up. Their stories were all shared and we even saw the way they were each visit from our Faes yet when the time came, they were defeated quite easily. I mean, seriously?? The Bone Carver and the Weaver were so epic, but the King managed to be rid of them with ease. Let us also talk about how random it was when the dad came in the picture with finding the missing queen. It was never explained as to how he managed to do so. It was heart whelming to see that he named the ships after his daughters and tried to redeem himself, but how did he even know where to start looking? How did he manage to bargain with dark lord that held her? How about when Elain and Nesta killed the King and did not get injured while Cassian, Azriel and other High Lords were brutally attacked in the book. Those two who had no training whatsoever managed to leave unscathed, Nesta did get hurt but she recovered pretty quickly. She supposedly stole this power from the Cauldron yet her powers did not seem all that powerful. She was empty in seconds, yes it was from lack of training but they made it seem like she took something so vital from the Cauldron. That was never revealed as well, I do think she might elaborate on this in the sequels.

I was not happy with how the war went down, it seemed very EoS-like but with actual fighting. Old friends and foe come together to help, yes it was predictable but it was also very Desolation of Smaug. The preparation and the build up was so big and tasteful but the actual battle was too bland. I am not sure what happened, but I expected a lot of epic fighting scenes in the war but we did not get that. What I did not like the most was how Amren had to die when she unbound herself, I had thought she would just be her true form and return home as her wish. But she, one of the strongest gods died. I actually would have been fine with this sacrifice, but she came back floating from the Cauldron…as High Fae. Why? Rhys’s death too was obvious, it would have been fine to leave it as is, I broke down crying but next thing I knew he was resurrected. Just like that. Why not leave some noble deaths? I think it would have made a much better story. Do not get me wrong, I am truly happy Rhys did not die, but I mean that was just a little too convenient of a situation in the end. You may be wondering what on earth I liked in this book seeing as that bit of ranting took over halfway the review.

Well, I did like the fact that a few things blew my mind. How Lucien is Helion’s son, the story of Helion and the Lady of the Autumn Court. How Azriel can turn into shadows, his humour and sass. Nephelle’s story (that was pretty cool), the bargains made to the creatures. Feyre’s powers, Feyre killing the royal twins, Ianthe’s death, the Suriel’s death was freaking sad and I did not see that coming, I liked how it was written. I also love the Velaris moments, the speech Rhys made, the part where we find out that Jurian was on their side shocked me. The High Lord meeting was amusing, the bantering and the bets, what Az did and what Feyre did. Loved that whole bit, reminded me a bit of Lotr. Amren and Varian’s relationship. I also quite liked the way she had a few things left unsolved to venture off to the next books. I was hoping to know more about Rhys’s thoughts when he died and what his powers are like now, but we did not really get that. I like how Feyre’s character developed, along with her powers and her sass. All I wanted was more from the war and happiness for Azriel and Lucien, but I did not get that. I freaked when I found out that the face Feyre kept seeing was their firstborn son. The Ouroboros was pretty cool, seeing as it is a symbol of eternal circle, the life out of death that brings wholeness. So the fact that Feyre faced her whole self and did not break just means she has found the life out of her death or fears rather. It makes her a whole lot stronger, mentally. I found that pretty freaking amazing and deep. But that is not what she said :p

Overall though it was a good series, I gave it 4 out of 5. Yes, I see this book as a series rating rather than a separate book only because it ties altogether better that way. I can pick on all the things that disappointed me in this book, but in the end it was still a good one. I was in awe, I laughed, I cried, I got angry, I also had my jaw dropping quite a few times. There were things left for the sequel to answer, so I hope the things I will mention will be answered in those books somehow. Because I did not like what happened to Azriel and Lucien, I just wanted happiness for both of them. I still want to know Amren’s real name, the Suriel’s and the Bone Carver’s. Whether the dark lord was the brother of the Weaver and the Bone Carver. I broke down in ugly crying mode when Rhys died, saw and knew it was coming but still was not ready for it. I thought Cassian would die actually or Az, there were many moments where I thought that was it for them. But in the end no one really died and I felt like the story would have been much better if those who died stayed dead (that sounds harsh, but you know what I mean). I still think ACOMAF is better out of the 3, I did not like ACOTAR and ACOWAR was not what I expected. The build up was just so big that it felt like it let me down, especially since we were left with such high expectations from ACOMAF. I would like to see more of the prewar in the later series as well, just to know what happened before Prythian came to be or even Amren’s and the death-gods era. That would be amazing.

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