Ad Astro 2017

My first book signing and sci-fi con


I went to attend my very first sci-fi con at the Ad Astro Society for today’s event and I must say, it was much different compared to the other cons I have been to. There were a lot of authors present, but seeing as I do not read much sci-fi books I unfortunately did not recognize any of them. I did look around in their Dealer’s room, which was the artist alley and saw some pretty cool books. I noted them down and took the business cards, of course to add to my TBR list.

There was a free book that came with the registration along with the programs of the weekend. The book is called “The Iron Assassin” by Ed Greenwood as shown above. The Queen’s Viper by Lesley Donaldson had a free ebook of the first book in the series, while book two is coming this fall. I only bought one thing at the Dealer’s room, a Sterling silver ring with Amazon River stone on top handmade by Black Currant JewelryShe was nice enough to size it up to my ring finger before I bought it. I love the design and the color, it looked very elvish which is why I ended up buying it.

The rest of the time I awaited to meet the Sandman and my partner in sign; Sajal. We actually met for the first time today, she​ saw that I was heading to the event and that it was my first. Turns out it was her first time as well, she messaged me on Twitter and we decided to meet up there. Sanderson created friendship this day!

After hours of waiting, I finally had the pleasure to meet the one and only Brandon Sanderson. Creator of the Cosmere universe and the man who constantly blows my mind!

He is super nice and such a cool guy! He asked us for questions that we had for him, unfortunately I did not have one that was not answered already. I brought the remaining books I had that were not signed yet. The first Mistborn series along with the first book of the Stormlight series, Warbreaker and Elantris were signed when my boyfriend saw Sanderson during his UK tour a couple of years ago. As a surprise he got my books signed as well. So this time, I only had to bring the nine I had and I am truly grateful he signed every single one of them! I also told him that I made the shirt I wore, they were two quotes from two books in the Cosmere:

“The life of a person is more than the chaos of its passing, because there’s always another secret.”

Can you guess where those two quotes are from? I unfortunately did not get to ask him to sign it, but I did ask for a photo of him. He took my sticky that had my name and a note that said “I love Shallan!” It all happened so fast that I could not even process everything at once. I was so nervous that I kept talking! Internally, I was screaming but it was amazing. For a first book signing, it was pretty epic, especially since it was from Brandon Sanderson!

Now it is official, all my Brandon Sanderson books are signed and just perfectly complete. I need to read Arcanum Unbounded, though. Are any of you a Sanderson fan? If so, please leave a comment below and share your experience with meeting the legendary author! I sure cannot wait for his next visit, albeit if you missed today’s event he is still here tomorrow and he will be having brunch with those who purchased the ticket and a reading panel. Check Ad Astro Society for more details!

First Playoffs Game

We The North


Today, I went to my very first Playoffs game! My sister treated me and 2 of my brothers to watch Game 3 of the playoffs against the Cavaliers. It was a good game, the end of 3rd to the 4th frustrated me quite a bit but it all comes with the game. Lots of uncalled fouls for and against us, but what else is new? It’s Toronto versus everybody.

I may have lost my voice and my hearing from all the noise and my own screaming. I had a blast, even though it was the first game I went to where we lost! I ended up getting my very first Raptors jersey and I chose the one and only, Pow-pow-pow Powell!

I was debating on getting DeRozan of Powell’s and ended up with Norman Powell. He’s one of my favourite players in the Raptors and am glad to have him as my first jersey! We also got a fan that can be waved to make noises during the game and I swear I abused the heck out of mine.

We may have lost in the end, but I’m still proud of our guys! Can’t wait for Game 4 this Sunday, let’s go Raptors!!

Ghibli Films All In One

Ghibli Films

This is my very first Ghibli merchandise, yes I have some of the films but having a merch that you can wear or carry to represent the fandom is another thing. What could be the best way to express your love for Miyazaki films? This tank with all his creation in one!


I’m totory loving the details in this piece, I would love to know who the artist that designed this and commend them for it! The only thing I don’t like about the print is how it looks sort of blurry up close but afar it looks amazing.

Are you a Miyazaki fan? If so, what’s your favourite film and merch? Leave a comment below!

Fashion Code 8

Code 8 Beanie


After months of waiting, I finally got my Code 8 Beanie from the campaign this week! For those who don’t know what Code 8 is, it’s a film that Jeff Chan directed and produced by Chris Paré, with the Amell cousins starring in their first feature together film along with Sung Kang and Aaron Abrams. It’s a sci-fi film that will be released​ by the end of this year! You can learn more from here: Code 8 Movie.

I actually received the postcards last December and never got to blog about it, so I figured I will include both here. The one signed by both Robbie and Stephen Amell and the one with Sung, Robbie and Stephen in his Arrow attire; both art pieces are by the incredibly talented Lord Mesa.

The Amell cousins had a live stream video (3 part streaming) of them signing the Code 8 postcard, as part of one of the perks from the Indigogo campaign. At one point, Robbie hits a pile that were upside down and almost signed it. I remember thinking “damn, I wonder who would get that one”, never thought I would be the one to receive it ha! Overall, this was the first campaign I ever took part in and I donated 3 times receiving these 3 items 🙂 The 10 minute short film can be seen in the campaign page or YouTube, the link for that is above the blog post. I cannot wait for this film, I recommend you all to watch the short film, it’s pretty cool and the feature film will be epic!

Punching Package

After months of debating, choosing and not going shopaholic mode, I finally decided on my very first Punching Panda clothing!!

I went with the official punching panda logo:

I ordered from his redbubble store, where you’re not limited to just the art prints. You can get your very own punching panda clothing, sheets, stationeries and home decor! I cannot wait to wear this sweatshirt, my punching panda merch just continues to grow and I love it 😀

If you aren’t aware of these Punching Pandas, they’re the signature characters of Nolen Lee. He’s the artist of these adorably aggressive animals, heh. You can check out his work on his Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, website, Deviant Art and of course his redbubble. Let me know what your favourite Punching Panda piece are by leaving a comment below! That’s all for now, folks 🙂

A Walking Fandom

Normally I don’t like my birthday, because bad things often happen but this year was quite nice. My day went well, work was good, my co-workers were very sweet, I was surrounded with both my family, friends and my boyfriend (even though he was miles away), who took the time to celebrate my day of birth.

A simple celebration is often what I prefer, but I do love surprises! This year, I freaked out when I saw the presents that both my family and my boyfriend got me. They didn’t have to go through the effort, but they did and I’m ever so grateful for it.

I also don’t normally post about it but these were worth the share. Behold, my birthday haul:

Yes, you see those correctly folks. That’s the Star wars Rogue One Jyn cardigan, the S.T.A.R. Laboratories sweater, the Official Dooney & Burke Star wars purse, Canson Drawing Sketchbook, an Indigo Gift Card, a Mall Gift Card, Skittles, and a gamer shirt designed by my coworker that says “Choose Your Weapon” with the various controllers!

These presents were too freaking amazing, I screamed and I cried. That Star wars purse you see was the purse I wanted from Orlando when I visited last year. Of course after seeing this, you can tell that I didn’t get to buy it then. Why you ask? I messed the hell up. I was at Disney Springs and I held the purse, but I figured they would have more options from Disneyland with other choices of styles. I had not realized that I didn’t ask the cashier which location at Disneyland had this purse. Turns out, it was only at the part where the Star wars theme park was. We had tickets for Epcot. I was devastated, I kept coming back to Disney Springs, but each time we came back they were already closed.

I had no idea, that my boyfriend decided to buy the purse that summer. He looked for it, found out Disney stopped selling it and found it from the actual designer’s site where some of their products were still sold. He didn’t risk it and purchased the purse, it arrived at my place around October. It was there at home this entire time, because he got my brother to hide it and wait for my birthday to surprise me. I must say, this may be the best surprise yet! I was quite speechless when they told me the story, just made me appreciate the gift a whole lot more. I haven’t left home without since then.

I’ve been wanting the official S.T.A.R. Laboratories sweater since the Flash TV show started and now I finally have it, it’s super comfortable and is made with good quality material. I was screaming and jumping when I saw this on my bed. My brother actually got it rushed shipped, because he thought I was leaving to Ottawa on my birthday but I’m leaving the week after haha. The Jyn cardigan was a recent find from Hot Topic and both my sister and brother actually bought it for me along with the Indigo Gift Card. My other coworker got me the sketchbook, knowing I often forget to bring mine to work so she got one for me in order to leave it at work for the times I forget the one I have at home. It was quite sweet of her to have thought of that. Not a lot of people know I’m a gamer, so when my coworker gave me that shirt I pretty much beamed with joy. It’s pretty epic, he knew I liked this design he made so he got it printed for me on a tee.

Overall, I’m pretty much a walking Fandom with all of these gears combined!

What’s your favourite birthday present and why? Leave a comment below about your favourite gifts and your worse ones.

My Very First Uppercase Box!


Before I get to the content of the bag, let me tell you a story about this subscription. See, this was meant to be a surprise birthday present to me from my sister, (quite similar to my brother’s attempt, click here.) But the problem was she didn’t realize that she had to send me the email, which included the link to my gift subscription, until midway through the month of February! In the end, I had missed the February box but I did get to claim the March box quite early. And so, after almost 2 months of waiting, I finally received my very first Uppercase Box 😀

UppercaseBox UppercaseBox2

This month’s Uppercase Box contained the following:

The YA book of the month, Rebel of the Sands by Alwyn Hamilton

Inside the book itself is the Reading Experience bookmark provided by Uppercase Box, where you can head on over to their website and type in the code. From there, you will find questions, polls and videos that correlate to certain moments in the book!

There are two Rebel of the Sands decal, you can see a close-up of one of them on the second photo.

The Read More Magnet was included in this month’s box which was cool, I can stick it on my desk at work alongside my art pieces.

Then we got the Quote Couture Earrings (18k Gold) from JewelSugar (sooo gorgeous)

Below the earrings is a letter from the lovely Lisa Parkin herself, I do like the fact that she takes the time to personalize each letter per reader 🙂

Lastly, we have the signed bookplate from the author herself, Alwyn Hamilton ❤

Altogether, I am super happy about this present and I’m in love with Rebel of the Sands’ paper print, the decals AND the lovely quote earrings from JewelSugar <3<3 I am definitely rocking this jewel every chance I get!

If you don’t know what Uppercase Box is about, it’s actually one of the first YA focused monthly book subscriptions available online. They put together the most popular Young Adult literature picked by the founder, Lisa Parkin. The books are in hardcover, they’re brand new and once in a while you may be in luck and get signed copies! The box also includes a signed bookplate, 1 or more high quality exclusive book related keepsakes, the reading experience content and a personalized letter to you from the founder 🙂 Check out their website from the link above or you can check their instagram for more images on their previous boxes, or search using the #UppercaseBox.

Did you receive your box yet? If so, what did you think of it? Leave a comment below 🙂

First Comic Con


This year, one of my “New Year’s Resolutions” was to attend more cons (book, comic or expos) and today, I went to my very first Comic Con. The first thing I did after claiming my wrist band was line up to donate and take a photo-op with the Storm Troopers and R2-D2!Trooper2

I was geek-ing out, I didn’t even know how to pose for this photo-op. I did wish Vader and Chewbacca were in this as well but I didn’t know they were arriving later on. Still, it was a great way to start my con! My plan for the con was to head to the Artists’ Alley to purchase some awesome keepsakes, grab some food (because it’s a must) then head to meet up with my friend to line up for Robbie Amell’s panel 😀 While walking around the con, I saw some really great cosplays! I didn’t get to take a lot of photos due to my phone’s terrible camera quality and the fact that I missed a lot of photo moments, but I have to post about these characters:

The first pair are Bubble Head Nurse and Pyramid Head from Silent Hill. Second photo is Celty from Durarara! The last photo is one of the most favourable character that people enjoy to cosplay, Marvel’s Deadpool. Now the reason why I took a photo of him was due to the fact that he decided to set up an unofficial booth and started drawing people. Not only did he draw them using crayons, but he drew them in a way Deadpool would while jamming to Salt N Pepa’s Shoop. Couldn’t get the song out of my head, not that I’m complaining. As for my round about the Artists’ Alley, I saw Angelina L.B. (also known as Albinwonderland) but I was too shy and nervous to say hi to her. I have met her before and hung out with her for a bit and she is super cool and quite gorgeous! Do drop by her table if you’re heading to the con tomorrow! I saw some really great art pieces, jewelry, clothing and yes books! I didn’t end up buying much due to a budget but I did purchase some awesome keepsakes.ComicCon

From left to bottom: This tote bag was actually from my friend, on top of the tote bag is the code to the ebook copy of Kaz Lefave’s first book of The Nemecene series; Nemecene: The Epoch of Redress! The next tote is actually from OwlCrate’s February box (click here to know more about it), I used it to carry my collectibles of the day. On top are the business cards from artists that I would like to check out: Yien Yip, Rhody Belo, Mel Fin, The Dragon’s Lair Unleashed (they had the best weaponry collection by the way) and Geek Studio. I saw quite a few artists that I have met and started following from last year’s FanExpo. The next image is the Toronto Comic Con’s schedule guide, below that is the poster for Batman versus Superman film which also came with the wrist band and the thundersticks you see below. The second row displays Pop! Funko’s Sauron! I have been searching everywhere for this and they never have him, I finally found and bought him 😀 Beside Sauron is one of the coolest jewelry I have found there; The Emerald Cauldron. This jewelry is called the fairy glow bells, they have these detailed cages of your choice and inside rests a spherical bell that glows in the dark when it absorbs enough light. You get to choose the color of sphere you like, the type (a bell, one that glows or both), and the kind of cage it’ll rest in (heart shaped, gold, egg, circle, open or closed) I decided to purchase the open-centered-egg-shaped cage with a teal sphere that contains a bell and glows in the dark. It’s really cute and I do love the fact that they had teal. They also sell these really cool wire elf ears that have a steam punk flare to it. The last two you see are books that I actually purchased from Chapter’s Indigo, (all thanks to Lore) it’s Mark Lawrence’s Broken Empire series: Prince of Thorns and King of Thorns! Sadly Emperor of Thorns was no longer available, but still, I am happy about this haul 🙂

Now, for the main event, Robbie Amell’s panel! The line up for this panel filled up in less than 15 minutes. Half an hour before the panel started, the floor was filled and more people were still coming to line up. Robbie and his fiance Italia Ricci are both hilariously adorable! Robbie showed a teaser for his upcoming film, Code 8 which you can subscribe at here, then he spoke about the shows he took part in, from Life With Derek, Cheaper By The Dozen 2, The Tomorrow People, Max, The Flash and The Duff. We found out an exclusive that during the Think Rock scene from the Duff, they improvised a part from there. The director almost didn’t use it but decided it was too good a scene to put aside. Robbie actually didn’t want to play the role due to the fact that Wesley was such and I quote, “an unapologetic douche bag”. Albeit, after reading the rest of the script and some convincing from Italia, Robbie ended up taking the role (and we are quite thankful for that decision!) The panel ended earlier than we all had hope, but I quite enjoyed it. Italia was super sweet, she allowed my friend and I to take a selfie with her (excuse my face)

Robbie almost photobombed us, but he was called over to start heading out the room. They’re both so chill, it was quite refreshing to see how easy going they were around such a huge crowd! Alas, as we all know all good things must come to an end, so as the panel ended I took one last stroll around the Artists’ Alley, said goodbye to the Storm Troopers (who waved back!) and off I went. Overall it was a fun time, I must say, FanExpo is a much bigger event here at Toronto but it was nice to see what our Comic Con was like. I’m hoping that next year I’ll be able to do a full weekend to see more panels and have more time to check out the Artists’ Alley! If you were at or plan to attend Toronto’s Comic Con tomorrow do leave a comment below! I’d like to know what your thoughts were about the event and whether it was your first con as well!


A few months ago, I twisted my ankle. Now, I am the type of woman who often wears heels and boots and I didn’t think it was a big deal, because it happens sometimes. But this time, the pain lasted more than a few days. I went to the doctor and got an x-ray, as it turns out I am not allowed to wear heel anymore otherwise I’d need to get a foot surgery.

So, what does a woman like me who loves heels do? I obviously did not listen. My shoe closet is filled with boots and heels, not a lot of choices for me. But the pain did get worse, and ever since then I had to stop wearing my precious heels.

I was actually prescribed to wear Dr. Scholl or shoes with soft padding. No heels allowed, unless they’re more of a platform. Now I have all these heels that are just sitting in my closet. What would you have done?