This month I shopped for quiet a few things, there were a few I didn’t get to post so I figured I’ll compile them in one post.

I went to the Face Shop with my sister and I really wanted new lipstick. I don’t normally wear one, I had a nude like colour but it was running out so I figured it was time to get a new shade. They had a buy one get the second half off and I couldn’t decide which to get. When I finally chose one, it was the Moisture Lipstick in BR02 ANGEL IN BEIGE. It looked nice when I tested on my skin, but when I got home and applied it on it was more orange then brown. I was disappointed with how it turned out, as the colour is quite vibrant.Screenshot_20170930-195849.png

I plan to mix it up with other shades and have the colour I actually wanted. It was a lesson learned, really. But I do like how the colour is quite vibrant, most lipstick I had except for the red were all quite subtle so this brand is a change for me💄.

Overall rating: ⭐️⭐️ out of 5.

When I went to Distillery District with my boy friend, we ended up seeing an Art Festival that occurred during our visit. We got to look around and check out paintings, clothing, leather bags. Then we saw these leather jewelry by Stone & Hide. They had quite the variety of style and colours to choose from. I ended up choosing the Dancing Swallow. The artist was there with his wife and she was talking to me and helped me choose which one to buy.


These bracelets wrap around your arm, they had different sizes depending on your wrist. I had to get an extra small one since I’m pretty thin, it wrapped 6 times around me and the locks are magnetic. The cool part is that it they’re a clip on. I do struggle to put it on myself sometimes, but it’s pretty simple on how to go about it. I prefer to wrap it tight on me as I tend to lose my jewelry quite often. You get to adjust it and wrap it as tight or as loose as you want. It’s really nice and sturdy, it only ever clipped off one time when I took off my jacket too quickly. It is a bit loose on me when I try to wrap it a little higher than my wrist, it slides back down so I have to wrap it there in order for it to stay put. Other than that, this was a great purchase 😍.

You should check out their online store when you get a chance and support these Canadian artists👨‍🎨!

Overall rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ out of 5.

Last week, my work had a guest come in called SweetLegs. They sell leggings from children, petite to plus sizes. These are the softest leggings I have ever came in contact with. They had many choices, all in patterns. From animals to plants, to space, and more. I saw this one that had the anchors on them, I thought it was quite cute. I debated for a long while and looked around a bit more before finally deciding to purchase them. I am so glad I did, because they’re super cute and comfortable 🙌.

I only bought one pair, each pair cost $25 dollars. I played it safe and only bought one in case I didn’t like it. The leggings fit just right, it’s a bit long on me but I’m short (5′) and all my pants and leggings are like this so it was normal for me. Not really noticeable. Speaking of noticing things, one cool thing about them is how you can roll them up without noticing a difference 🙆. I rolled mine up, because it was too hot and I could go higher or shorter rather. It just folds underneath and still looks seamless.

As you can see from the photos, I can roll them up quite high with ease. Most leggings I have can barely go up my calf when I want to roll them up, but these ones can be long or a capris-look. The material, quality and flexibility of their leggings are worth the cost in my opinion 👖.

You can check out their store online for more information and styles. They do have shipping when purchasing online, I got lucky and paid a flat fee because they came to our work for a visit. They have a Loyalty Card when you purchase and they also give you instructions on how to best care for your leggings when you wash them.

Overall rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ out of 5.

I hope I helped you found something you liked from this post. Leave a comment below if you ever purchased any product from the places I purchased from. How were your experiences? Thanks for stopping by!




The beginning of the month, my boy friend and I decided to check out the store most Harry Potter fans in Toronto spoke about; Curiosa.

We were excited about visiting the store and once we reached our destination, we found a line going around the corner. We both did not consider that this would happen, especially since it’s been opened for some time. We definitely underestimated the fans! The line moved pretty fast, so it wasn’t too long until we got in the store.

When you enter the store, you see a mix of Harry Potter and their own collection. They had a Hedwig sculpture at the front window display! The store played the Harry Potter theme songs the whole time and they had little decors around the shop such as the self stirring pot, potions and bottles on top one shelf, the other had suitcases with cages and wax sealed letters with materials needed for posts on the other end. They even had a restricted section sign for people not to enter the employee room.

I recognized one of their sponsored vendors in the store, MyBookmark by Olena Mysnyk! I’m surprised that they didn’t have any of her Harry Potter bookmarks, those would have been amazing to have as part of the store merch. They had many jewelry and I love jewelry, so I took a long time trying to figure out which ones to purchase. I held 3-4 things before deciding to purchase Hermoine’s wand and the golden snitch necklaces.

The necklaces are so pretty, I had to get them. They only had Harry, Dumbledore, Voldemort and Hermoine’s wand to choose from. The box for the wand necklace was designed to have Ollivander’s logo on it, which was pretty epic. My boy friend purchased the Slytherin journal, because I bought him a Gryffindor one from Orlando and he also bought a Deathly Hallows key ring. I unfortunately never got to take photos of his purchases, so below displays all of my purchases including the medals:


They had a section per categories, from maps to travelling, to post, calligraphy and wax seals, stationery, books, they also had a section for toys and magic that looked to represent the Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes. They had a jewelry section and mini little trinkets for those who liked vintage things and classic posters, besides the Harry Potter illustrations that were sold. They also had the Black family tree as one of the illustrated posters which was cool. I liked their packaging choices including the tissue wraps!

They also had this machine (see first photo of the first collage above) where you put a dollar in, you write a message or a name and it will give you a medal. You turn the arrow to the letter you want and using the lever to your right to punch and engrave it, once you finish you pull the lever on your left and it will give you a medal with the house colour chosen at random. First attempt, I engraved my name and it gave me Ravenclaw. My boy friend went after me and he wrote part of a phrase from Brandon Sanderson’s Stormlight Archive and got Slytherin. I wanted Slytherin, so I wanted to have another go. When I tried the second time, I decided to engrave the store name as a keepsake and it gave me Hufflepuff, which was cool because it looked like a golden coin.


Overall, the store is pretty cool. I do intend to come back again and I hope they have more in store when I return. I love that they had a mix of other things in there, though I do hope they’ll add more Harry Potter related things. When you enter the store, on your right they had a stand with a booklet and a big quill pen for customers to write their thoughts before they leave, my boy friend and I wrote something before we decided to leave to show our appreciation of the store. I highly recommend you visit this store at least one time and take a gander. You’ll find you won’t leave without something in hand.

That’s all for today’s adventure. Until next time, fellow nerds!

FANEXPO Canada—2017


It’s that time of the year again, folks. Each year I attend the FanExpo convention that’s held here in Canada and I try to cosplay. Previous years when I went I dressed as Nana Osaki during my first Expo, another time I went as L from Deathnote. Last year I didn’t get a chance to do so, but this year I planned a special one when I found out that the main female cast of RWBY by Rooster Teeth were coming to visit! I decided to cosplay as Blake Belladonna. Her character is one of my favourite, from her love of books, introverted life style, and her damn weapon the Gambol Shroud!

She has such a cool weapon, fans still don’t fully understand how it all works. It’s a sword with a sheath that’s also a blade and she has a gun-a-rang mode for long distance shooting with the sword. One of the things I really love about RWBY is how their weapons are designed, it’s too epic. They can all transform from one thing to another, a multipurpose weapon and I’ve always wanted one. The process of gathering my materials for this weren’t as easy as I thought it would be.

I decided to cosplay volume 2 Blake Belladonna as it wasn’t too revealing nor was it too layered of an attire to wear. I have to thank Lore and Michael’s for having the materials I needed for this cosplay. My friend Lore went through all the trouble of purchasing the materials for me from her work and take the transit home, with all these foam board and craft foams. I tried to take photos of my process, but I ended up just taking photos of the materials I used for my cosplay:

  • Tulle for the second layer of the butt cape ( I keep calling it that)
  • Two yards of fabric for the butt cape’s first layer
  • Craft and Foam board for the weapon

As for the clothing, I purchased them as is. The Intruder jacket was the toughest one for me to find materials for, especially since I didn’t have a sewing machine and I wasn’t planning on sewing these hands on.

The bow headband I bought had two layers of bow, so I spread them on top of one another using glue gun to make it look like a big bow/cat ears. I added the lavender tulle underneath the fabric, though I did end up cutting it too short. I used glue gun, craft glue to stick the materials together and Acrylic Paint for the added details. As for the boots, I just used an old one that I had. The process was tough, especially cutting the foam board but at the end I was quite happy with the results of my cosplay.

Here’s the Gambol Shroud:

I made two pieces, using the template provided by the generous and talented man on Deviant Art, Tatsutetsu! He has most of the weapons template for the RWBY characters, the instructions are pretty clear. You just have to choose your own materials to use. People actually recognized my cosplay, one vendor said she liked my bow. A few people took photos of me and I realized afterwards that I never got to ask them to tag me on it. So now they’re just floating around the net or in their gallery.

Here’s a photo my brother took:


I didn’t actually get to do much this year at the Expo, we went on a Friday. I was guiding and showing my boy friend everything seeing as it was his and his cousin’s first Expo. We went through the merch building where the celebrity signings and photo ops were at. My friend Lore went to go see Zachary Levi and she told us to tag along, so I got to meet him for a bit. He shook our hands and asked us our names. Such a nice guy, I have yet to watch Chuck though (I know, I know!).

Then we went through the Artist Alley, that one took a while to go through. Sadly, Nolen Lee the Punching Pandas artist wasn’t here this year so that was one artist down from my list to see. Saw Sakimichan booth but she wasn’t there, had the chance to see Angelina aka Albinwonderland. I finally had to courage to visit her booth and talk to her. I congratulated her as a newly wed, and I also got to leave a message for my friend Allison to Betty FelonShe is adorable, her style is so cute and Allison thinks she looks like Blake Belladonna with her unlimited bow styles and colour choices 😛

Then I stopped by Amanda Martin’s booth and finally introduced myself to her and she gave me a hug! She had saved me a Corked enamel pin, and I ended up purchasing one of her Contained bookmark from her Inktober series last year. They’re gorgeous! I did however forget to purchase her MerMay and Inktober booklets to have them signed as well, but I was too nervous and I only grabbed what I could remember 😭 Once they’re available online, I will grab a copy for myself!

You should check out Amanda’s work, they’re beautiful, she recently opened up an Etsy account as well so check that out! I then also ended up looking for the jewelry booth with the cool rings, I realized a few days after that it was the same vendor I purchased my Amazon ring from Ad Astra (click here for this post). I purchased a white stoned ring this time, she also had to resize it for me because I have small and thin fingers 😝.


After the Artist Alley, my brothers and I separated from my boy friend and his cousin as they had to leave. We went to line up for the RWBY cast panel, as we waited we were told that the cut off line was already made. The room was filled and not even half the people lining up were inside yet. Apparently, people already started lining up 5 hours before the panel and VIP members got to go in without needing to line up.

I was sad that we couldn’t attend, but at the same time I was super happy that RWBY was so popular at the Expo! We decided to just eat some poutine while waiting for the panel to end, 10 minutes before it ended we were heading for the Autograph and Photo-op and a line already started. We were so nervous, at first I only wanted an autograph then I realized I need to have a Photo-op as well. Barbara was chowing down Timbits and waving at the fans after eating one, she’s so funny. I wanted to see Arryn (obviously), my brother Matt was there for Barbara and Piolo wanted to meet Lindsay, because he’s a huge fan of the Achievement Hunters.

Arryn was such a sweetheart, I told her the story of my cat wanting to attack me with my bow ears on but once I took it off it’s like I didn’t exist. Then she told me she loved my Evenstar necklace and my ring (which was the one I purchased at the Expo) she showed me all her rings and said she loved rings. She made me choose which photo I wanted signed, and I asked to claim my hug and she stood up to give me one! As she was coming up she said she didn’t want to hug me too tight, because “I don’t want to ruin your Shroud!”. Then she asked if I wanted to take a photo, I told her she could do it as I suck at taking selfies. She took a selfie using my phone and then she took 3 selfies of both of us. I’m glad I decided to take a selfie, even though I looked silly in them. It was also cool that my brothers and I saw different people, If I had enough money in my budget for this Expo I would’ve asked for a group photo with all 4 of them! This was my first autograph and photo op from the Expo and it was pretty special 😀 Thanks, Arryn!

Here’s a photo of all my purchases at this year’s Expo:


Something For You


During my boyfriend’s visit, he gave me a gift.

The first gift that he got to give me in person. It’s a shirt with the Stormtrooper holding Darth Vader’s head with the quote “Sith or not to Sith”. The other part of the gift is a Harley Quinn sketchbook/journal.


If you haven’t noticed, I’m a huge Star Wars and DC fan so these gifts were pretty much the best combo ever. He was traveling for work in Spain and saw these two, thought of me and decided to buy it.

The Star Wars shirt is too good, I’m a Shakespearean fan as well and the graphic on this shirt had me grinning. The sketchbook/journal has blank pages which is perfect, because it means I can use it for my drawings and practices not just for writing. It also has a sleeve pocket at the back of the book for any inserts needed, which comes in handy for me. It comes with a pen/pencil holder, a black bookmark, with a wrap for sealing the book with the diamonds symbol as its emblem and the freaking paper edges are in black!

Perfect, right?

Albeit, I wonder if I’ll have the courage to actually use this journal. It’s always the dilemma when I get a new notebook/sketchbook. The content that goes on and whether you’ll be willing to actually have anything on there. Truly am grateful for these gifts, they represent me and my nerdiness approves the sweet gesture.

Thanks, love ❤



AUGUST 23, 2017—I never really followed football, I always thought it was better to play it rather than watch it on TV. After going to my first game with Toronto vs. Philadelphia, I realized that watching the game live is so much better than watching it on TV. Toronto won the game, 3-0! The crowd was so hyped, I loved it. They were chanting, had a band going, even had fireworks! We were at the Tunnel Club and it was the coolest experience. I got to see the team before the game started and used the same entrance they did to head to the field. It was pretty cold, but I loved it! They provided food, I had chicken tacos, hot dog with hot chocolate. For dessert they had fruits, cake, and chocolate covered strawberries on a stick. There weren’t any lines for the unlimited food, but once the desserts came out it was endless!

During halftime we went to buy merchandise and I got a scarf with Sebastian Giovinco’s name on it and an embroidered version of him on one side while the other says Toronto FC with the logo split on both ends of the scarf. I wanted to get an autograph from the players for my coworkers who are big fans, but they weren’t signing anything. Our ticket was also a free ticket to get in the CNE, but since the game ended late and I had work earlier on the day I didn’t get to use it then. I have only been at a basketball and football, once I get to go to a hockey and baseball game I will be able to compare each sports fan and see how different or alike they are. That was one of the best parts, the fans. I am glad I got to go and enjoy this experience, all thanks to my dad!



AUGUST 27, 2017—Went to CNE with my boyfriend this year, as he was visiting for 2 weeks. Had to show him the Canadian National Exhibition, especially since it’s one of our famous summer events. The first thing we did was head over to the Art Exhibition building, because that’s my favourite part! We went aisle to aisle as one should and looked around some leather garments, leather jewelry, jewelry, 3D glass, and bought some brookie from Sweet Kookie Mama. I got the raspberry coconut tart one and my boy friend got the Fudgeeo one.

My CNE experience is never complete unless I see CryWolf! Made my way to their booth and bought two new clothing to add to my collection, a Lone Wolf crop tank and a CryWolf logo tee. So cute, I love it. I also ended up receiving a key chain from their coin machine and I got the wolf with an umbrella! It turns out that it was also Rose’s birthday that day, always nice to see them again even though I’m super awkward and shy around them, ha. Had spaghetti in a cup for my meal while my boyfriend had his very first shawarma! We met up with my best friend, his girlfriend and her best friend and played some carnival games. We also bought tickets to go on the bumper cars, we enjoyed the night until the exhibition was closed. I quite enjoyed it 🙂

PS. If you haven’t heard of Crywolf, you should really check out their website, social media and their store which is located at 91 Ossington Ave! They have clothes, accessories, buttons, magnets, stationery and they also sell stuff for pets! Check them out when you get a chance, you won’t regret it. Plus they’re super sweet ❤

Ad Astro 2017

My first book signing and sci-fi con


I went to attend my very first sci-fi con at the Ad Astro Society for today’s event and I must say, it was much different compared to the other cons I have been to. There were a lot of authors present, but seeing as I do not read much sci-fi books I unfortunately did not recognize any of them. I did look around in their Dealer’s room, which was the artist alley and saw some pretty cool books. I noted them down and took the business cards, of course to add to my TBR list.

There was a free book that came with the registration along with the programs of the weekend. The book is called “The Iron Assassin” by Ed Greenwood as shown above. The Queen’s Viper by Lesley Donaldson had a free ebook of the first book in the series, while book two is coming this fall. I only bought one thing at the Dealer’s room, a Sterling silver ring with Amazon River stone on top handmade by Black Currant JewelryShe was nice enough to size it up to my ring finger before I bought it. I love the design and the color, it looked very elvish which is why I ended up buying it.

The rest of the time I awaited to meet the Sandman and my partner in sign; Sajal. We actually met for the first time today, she​ saw that I was heading to the event and that it was my first. Turns out it was her first time as well, she messaged me on Twitter and we decided to meet up there. Sanderson created friendship this day!

After hours of waiting, I finally had the pleasure to meet the one and only Brandon Sanderson. Creator of the Cosmere universe and the man who constantly blows my mind!

He is super nice and such a cool guy! He asked us for questions that we had for him, unfortunately I did not have one that was not answered already. I brought the remaining books I had that were not signed yet. The first Mistborn series along with the first book of the Stormlight series, Warbreaker and Elantris were signed when my boyfriend saw Sanderson during his UK tour a couple of years ago. As a surprise he got my books signed as well. So this time, I only had to bring the nine I had and I am truly grateful he signed every single one of them! I also told him that I made the shirt I wore, they were two quotes from two books in the Cosmere:

“The life of a person is more than the chaos of its passing, because there’s always another secret.”

Can you guess where those two quotes are from? I unfortunately did not get to ask him to sign it, but I did ask for a photo of him. He took my sticky that had my name and a note that said “I love Shallan!” It all happened so fast that I could not even process everything at once. I was so nervous that I kept talking! Internally, I was screaming but it was amazing. For a first book signing, it was pretty epic, especially since it was from Brandon Sanderson!

Now it is official, all my Brandon Sanderson books are signed and just perfectly complete. I need to read Arcanum Unbounded, though. Are any of you a Sanderson fan? If so, please leave a comment below and share your experience with meeting the legendary author! I sure cannot wait for his next visit, albeit if you missed today’s event he is still here tomorrow and he will be having brunch with those who purchased the ticket and a reading panel. Check Ad Astro Society for more details!

First Playoffs Game

We The North


Today, I went to my very first Playoffs game! My sister treated me and 2 of my brothers to watch Game 3 of the playoffs against the Cavaliers. It was a good game, the end of 3rd to the 4th frustrated me quite a bit but it all comes with the game. Lots of uncalled fouls for and against us, but what else is new? It’s Toronto versus everybody.

I may have lost my voice and my hearing from all the noise and my own screaming. I had a blast, even though it was the first game I went to where we lost! I ended up getting my very first Raptors jersey and I chose the one and only, Pow-pow-pow Powell!

I was debating on getting DeRozan of Powell’s and ended up with Norman Powell. He’s one of my favourite players in the Raptors and am glad to have him as my first jersey! We also got a fan that can be waved to make noises during the game and I swear I abused the heck out of mine.

We may have lost in the end, but I’m still proud of our guys! Can’t wait for Game 4 this Sunday, let’s go Raptors!!

Ghibli Films All In One

Ghibli Films

This is my very first Ghibli merchandise, yes I have some of the films but having a merch that you can wear or carry to represent the fandom is another thing. What could be the best way to express your love for Miyazaki films? This tank with all his creation in one!


I’m totory loving the details in this piece, I would love to know who the artist that designed this and commend them for it! The only thing I don’t like about the print is how it looks sort of blurry up close but afar it looks amazing.

Are you a Miyazaki fan? If so, what’s your favourite film and merch? Leave a comment below!

Fashion Code 8

Code 8 Beanie


After months of waiting, I finally got my Code 8 Beanie from the campaign this week! For those who don’t know what Code 8 is, it’s a film that Jeff Chan directed and produced by Chris Paré, with the Amell cousins starring in their first feature together film along with Sung Kang and Aaron Abrams. It’s a sci-fi film that will be released​ by the end of this year! You can learn more from here: Code 8 Movie.

I actually received the postcards last December and never got to blog about it, so I figured I will include both here. The one signed by both Robbie and Stephen Amell and the one with Sung, Robbie and Stephen in his Arrow attire; both art pieces are by the incredibly talented Lord Mesa.

The Amell cousins had a live stream video (3 part streaming) of them signing the Code 8 postcard, as part of one of the perks from the Indigogo campaign. At one point, Robbie hits a pile that were upside down and almost signed it. I remember thinking “damn, I wonder who would get that one”, never thought I would be the one to receive it ha! Overall, this was the first campaign I ever took part in and I donated 3 times receiving these 3 items 🙂 The 10 minute short film can be seen in the campaign page or YouTube, the link for that is above the blog post. I cannot wait for this film, I recommend you all to watch the short film, it’s pretty cool and the feature film will be epic!

Punching Package

After months of debating, choosing and not going shopaholic mode, I finally decided on my very first Punching Panda clothing!!

I went with the official punching panda logo:

I ordered from his redbubble store, where you’re not limited to just the art prints. You can get your very own punching panda clothing, sheets, stationeries and home decor! I cannot wait to wear this sweatshirt, my punching panda merch just continues to grow and I love it 😀

If you aren’t aware of these Punching Pandas, they’re the signature characters of Nolen Lee. He’s the artist of these adorably aggressive animals, heh. You can check out his work on his Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, website, Deviant Art and of course his redbubble. Let me know what your favourite Punching Panda piece are by leaving a comment below! That’s all for now, folks 🙂