Warded Dice


During the end of April, I entered another contest held by both Peter V. Brett and Karen, this time it was a Still Life Contest to win the limited edition of Painted Man in Australian edition (they look gorgeous and match the novellas!). What the contest entailed was to take a photo of your Demon Cycle books in a creative way and send them to Karen, entries were unlimited. Originally, there were 2 winners in total. First prize would receive the limited edition signed copy of the Painted Man. Second prize was to receive a signed copy of a Demon Cycle book, but seeing as many entered the contest both Mr. Brett and Karen ended up expanding on the winners and prizes!

I ended up sending 3 entries in total, somehow I managed to make it to the top 3 winners!

First entry is the Painted Man of Arlen Bales with ink, a signed book plate and my sketch of Rojer.

Second entry is of Renna Bales from The Skull Throne with a signed book plate, my sketch of her and a warded-like dagger.
Third entry are of the beautiful hardcover novellas, The Great Bazaar and Brayan’s Gold along with Messenger’s Legacy, with hand carved wooden dices of the warded symbols. Inspired by Inevera’s hora pouch.

I’m ever so grateful that both Mr. Brett and Karen chose my entries, because it was a long shot. There were many great entries, it was pretty cool to see each entry! I ended up receiving warded dices with a signed bookplate:

Now I actually have an hora pouch haha. They’re a lot bigger than I pictured, it’s awesome! I have always wanted one, it definitely beats my wooden ones that’s for sure. Now, to use for evil or for good?

Well that settles it! You can peep at the full list of winners posted on the Mr. Brett’s Peephole blog post. While you’re at it, check out his blogs and his work for those who aren’t familiar with it. You should also check out Peter V. Brett’s twitter for more contests to come in the near future. If you have not read this series then you should most definitely do so! You can now pre-order the last book of this series; The Core. For US cover you can go to Penguin Random House or any of the list below, for the UK you can go to the links below as well. Other countries covers have yet to be revealed!

You can purchase a copy of this series here:

Book Depository

Graphic Audio

Barnes and Noble

Amazon and Amazon UK

Thank you for the precious additional collectible, Peter and Karen!


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