Truthwitch Party

Yesterday was a special day, why you ask? Because #Truthwitch is finally published for all to revel in! The days of waiting are over, you may grab a copy from your local bookstore or online! From audio to UK and US hardcover! Paperbacks aren’t available just yet, but you may pre-order online.

There’s also the #TenDaysOfTruthwitch happening! Last night, the first event took place which was the last #TruthwitchTuesday event, the #TruthwitchParty! Clan leaders, Clanless and the Witchlanders gathered to celebrate the publication of Susan Dennard’s book launch.

The Clan leaders from the Street Team gathered some Truthwitch related questions from their team members to ask Sooz and she answered them during the chat! She also responded to fellow fans who joined in the event.

These were the Q&A from last night’s chat:

QUESTION ONE: “Where did the inspiration for the TRUTHWITCH world come from?”

ANSWER: “The inspiration came from my time in Croatia. That was the first spark! I’ve never seen such an INCREDIBLE landscape! I knew one day I had to set a fantasy novel in an alternate Dubrovnik.

QUESTION TWO: “What has been the biggest difference between writing Truthwitch & SSAD?”

ANSWER:Truthwitch has 4 main characters! & it’s SUCH a bigger world. Not literally, but where the characters go. Plus politics! Plus WAR! Plus evil empires. Plus…oh yeah. It’s just bigger. Which has been harder to balance/keep track of!”

QUESTION THREE: “How long does it take you to plan a novel (outline, research, etc.)?”

ANSWER: “Depends on the book! EVERY book is different, and I find sequels especially difficult. Anywhere from a few days of inspired planning to months of research/outlining…Or, in the case of Windwitch, a WHOLE YEAR. 😂”

QUESTION FOUR: “Where did the names from Truthwitch come from? Do any of them have meanings?”

ANSWER: “I like to take real names and add a unique twist to them. Safiya was based on Sophia, for example. I also try to stay culturally consistent. So Nomatsi names for ex. are (for the most part) w/ hard consonants. Iseult. Gretchya. Corlant.”

QUESTION FIVE: “What Hogwarts houses would you put the characters from Truthwitch in?”

ANSWER: “Safi=Gryffindor Merik=Gryffindor Kullen=Hufflepuff Iseult=Ravenclaw Aeduan=Slytherin (Or is he?😏)”

QUESTION SIX: “If you had to describe Truthwitch in three words, what words would you choose?”

ANSWER: “Sweeping, heartfelt, and…real. Yeah. Phew. That was hard!”

QUESTION SEVEN: “If TRUTHWITCH ever crossed over with your SSAD series, which characters would get along?! 😁”

ANSWER: “Jie & Aeduan would do, like, those bro-chin-nods at each other. Eleanor & Safi would be BFFs. Joseph & Iseult would be quiet, calm leaders discussing the ups and downs of walking Dead (or Cleaved) 👌”

QUESTION EIGHT: “Since you’d choose to be a Waterwitch, what type of Waterwitch would you be?”

ANSWER: “OH!!! FUN QUESTION. I would love to be a Tidewitch, methinks! Controlling liquid water & currents!”

QUESTION NINE: “We know you would definitely be a Waterwitch, but what would your threadsister be?”

ANSWER: “Oh gosh! I have so many Threadsisters!! I feel like @alexbracken would be an excellent Threadwitch”

QUESTION TEN: “If you could live through one scene in TRUTHWITCH, what would it be and why?”

ANSWER: “Oh ma, I have to say: I LOVVVVEE Ch 15. Aeduan’s…*encounter* at the lighthouse is prob my fave!”

QUESTION ELEVEN: “What was your favorite POV/character in Truthwitch to write? What was the hardest?”

ANSWER: “I can’t pick a fave Truthwitch character, tbh. I loved each so much while I wrote them. I WAS them, you know? But I will say Merik was hard. He went through a few versions while I figured him out! Iseult was hard too w/ her “emotionless” self!”

QUESTION TWELVE: “What has been your favorite part of your Truthwitch Journey?”

ANSWER: “The #witchlanders & #clanless have been handsdown the most incredible, 💓-melting part of EVERYTHING.”

QUESTION THIRTEEN: “What would Safi’s spirit animal be? What about Merik, Aeduan, and Iseult?”

ANSWER: “!!! FUN !!! Safi’s spirit animal would be…a lioness. Loping about. Lounging in sunshine.

Iseult would be more of a quiet snow leopard. Hidden. Rare. Gentle, but fierce.

Merik is a fox. For sure. Or maybe a wolf because I think he needs a pack. 😉

And Aeduan…Oh, Aeduan. He’s a lonely hawk. Always alone. Maybe (?) wishing he wasn’t. 😉”

QUESTION FOURTEEN: “What were the hardest and easiest parts about writing in a male POV?”

ANSWER: “That’s tough!! I have to say: I asked my husband for help sometimes! Especially in romantic situations 😂 Like ‘Would a guy REALLY think this?’ Sometimes even though I thought it was 👌 he’d say ‘No way. Dudes aren’t like that.’ 😭”

QUESTION FIFTEEN: “If you could only give one piece of advice to your readers, what would it be?”

ANSWER: “Live. I mean that. You have now. Right now. Savor it as best you can. Travel, dance, sing, & LIVE.”

There you have it, fellow Witchlanders! FUN facts about Truthwitch from the author herself. Tears were shed and lots of love were spread that evening. It was a bittersweet night fall everyone.

Again, congratulations to Susan Dennard for her newly released book, Truthwitch a start of a new series, the Witchlands! Tune in tonight for the second event of the #TenDaysOfTruthwitch, the #PassTruthParty which will take place at 8 PM EST time. This will be a live chat with both Susan Dennard and Alexandra Bracken! You may ask them questions about their books, The Passenger and Truthwitch, during this time, so don’t forget to tune in and use the hashtag displayed above for your questions. See you then!

To purchase a copy of their books, click the bold links above.


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