A Case of Art and Plastic

I came home to a little surprise last night that just sealed the week to a great end.

Everyone knows how much I love Sarah J. Maas’s books, but there is one particular book that one of my favourite artist dedicated a fan art to: A Court of Mist and Fury.

Charlie Bowater is one amazing artist and she designed a fan art of the Night Court with an Art Nouveau style to it. I fell in love the moment I saw the final piece. I needed it. The problem? I have the Google Pixel phone and this phone case was not and still is not available in Society 6. I pretty much check every week to see if it is available, ha. I had no idea that my boyfriend found a way for me to have the case for my phone, next thing you know I come home to this:


I was freaking out when I saw the case. I was jumping, squealing and scream-laughing as I opened it and put it on my phone. The details are too pristine, I love it so much. I actually dropped it after trying to take the photo without covering the case, haha.

One needs to see this up close, because the colors, the design, the placement and the texture are just too amazing:


I particularly love the style used for this overall art piece along with the exceptional details from the clothing, to the jewelry, the facial expressions and the eye. How in the heaven’s name can you not want this piece? It’s too precious and I am truly happy I have this. I love that he decided to add the signature at the bottom, because it looks like she signed it ha.

I still want to purchase either the tote, the duvet or the tapestry. I just do not have a space for the tapestry and I have way too much tote bags, so I will probably end up getting the duvet. I know this is not the best way to support her work, he knows it as well that is why he purposely kept her signature in. I love her work, and I will continue to support her in ways I can. It’s just unfortunate that they did not have my phone case available.

Do you know Charlie Bowater or Sarah J. Maas? If not, you should really check out their work by clicking their names. Charlie Bowater is one amazing artist and the dress you see that Feyre (the woman at the bottom left) is wearing is the dress that Sarah chose to have for the last book cover of this series. Isn’t that amazing?! Sarah asked for her permission and they tweaked it to match their character design.

If you know Charlie’s work and Sarah’s work, leave a comment below about your favourite pieces and series. Let us discuss!


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