Sketchbook Challenge 2017: Sketch 03

Delicacy of a Flower


My third sketch is a ballerina, it is one of the things I have always wanted and regretted as a child. As a child, I was a ballerina. One of the performances I often remember is when I played the flower and my sister was the bird who saved us from the witch who destroyed nature. I do not recall much of the story, but I do recall missing my cue of “dying” due to the fact that I got caught up watching the scene of the birds fighting the bad guys. The audience were laughing and that was when I realized I was the only flower left alive😂.

Unfortunately my mother decided to cut the program due to money and my sister was just not fond of it. I never had the time, money or courage to try and go back when I grew up. I now just wish of what could have been, but I truly adore ballet and I wish to see a performance someday. I really want to see Swan Lake and the Nutcracker!

PS. This post is also dedicated to one of my favourite authors who’s birthday was today, Sarah J. Maas! I love her series, both Throne of Glass and A Court of Thorns and Roses. Why a ballerina you ask? Sarah loves ballet, not just that, there’s a scene in Queen of Shadows that I truly adored. It was chapter 16, where Aelin and the dancing troupes of Madam Florine staged their performance to rescue Aedion. This scene was inspired by a ballet performance that Sarah loved. There was also another scene that was inspired by a ballet performance, the glass castle shattering with both Dorian and Aelin. Sarah’s love for Cinderella (where Celaena came to be) and Swan Lake (when Aelin was born). These characters have a special place in my heart, so does this whole series and the writer who created it all. I wish you all the magic, food and loads of love Sarah. May you recuperate with speed. We miss you and love you 💕


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